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  1. Prize received. Thank you so much for all you do for the community.
  2. John and I have both been so blessed with the giving nature of the xat community, that in return we would like to give something back in honor of the Holiday spirit. Prize: 1k each to 5 lucky winners Rules are simple. 1. Reply with Reg name and xat ID 2. No repeat accounts or you will forfeit. 3. Contest will end Sunday, December 23rd 12 pm EST. 4. 5 Random winners will be selected using a name generator. http://www.randomresult.com/ Good luck everyone and God Bless!
  3. I find this a bit rediculous. If you all leave where is Trades heart? A lot of you promised me you would stay when I said to follow your heart. Putting someone in charge outside of trade staff is NOT the answer. We walked this road once before. did you all really think that was an answer then? I’m asking staff to reconsider walking and work with volunteers and contributors for a better solution. Be the leaders I helped some of you become. Make Trade proud is all. Walking is not the answer.
  4. Waking up to a good morning message from @J0hn each day. Laughter. Dancing in the warm rain. Morning coffee.
  5. Why aren't all the languages covered? What if you are none of those listed? Someone had to ask....
  6. Only place you really find me these days is shop.
  7. Getting soft @Admin ? Congrats Mav on obtaining a beautiful pawn. I think you deserve it for all the hard work. Its nice to see recognition and not a slap in the face. I hope you and cyan get along marvelously.
  8. Prize received. Thank you so much for graciously hosting these contests.
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