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  1. It was fantastic seeing everyone and old faces. We had Split, Emari, Lindi, Agent, Baby, Charlie, Gizz,Nicu, Mumy just to name a few. Many more stopped throughout the week who could not make it. And of course the years of dedicated staff and friends who are still around. Much appreciation to Brandon and Muffins for coming as part of the trade family. It was also followed by wonderful events on trade to celebrate the anniversary. Love ya all <3 and TY all for being a wonderful part of a very special gift <3
  2. Excellent interview Jedi <3 Nice intro Crow, as usual.
  3. Admin made chats should not go up for sale..... On occasion they have in past and the person who bought was refunded.
  4. guess I best go log into my 20 chats....
  5. Due to multiple time zones, The event will start around 2pm EST. It will continue throughout the day to give everyone opportunity to come and participate.
  6. Congratulations AS my brother only. Love ya <3 Bry has been part of the trade family for 6 years. He knows the system. I do worry about the conflict of interest, as a reseller. But I know he will run trade similar to how I did. Perhaps this is the direction that trade needs to go...
  7. What happened to the old xat facebook that Spell and Jess and everyone did? There are over 4000 xat users on facebook, to answer that question. How do you think I bring back old staff each year I do think its a great idea to have 1. Many people scam with facebook methods. This will help safety of the community, in general.
  8. Prob. cuz I don't own it and can not control the situations. LOL Think a bit. Users may want me to own trade but admins don't. Their site...their rules. We may not like it but we have no choice but to respect it.
  9. Alot will still be sorely missed. I wish that I could bring everyone back for the day. My efforts are off to a good start though. Everyday someone "old" is contacting me. Our anniversaries always brought some back in general. Old trade was a family. That in itself is something no other chat could ever replicate of old trade magnitude. Its something I am proud of.
  10. Old staff and users are slowly flowing back in <3 I am very excited for this.
  11. Oh my goodness..... I think it shame that we penalize users who are trying to learn and help others but allow users on a thread to troll or flame others. I would LOVE to downvote a few responses here... Sometimes I think somethings are NOT worth the fight. However 1 thing is clear...the insensitivity level that some chosen leaders have is bothersome, to say the least. Some of you should be ashamed of yourself for the way you act and how you feel you are above others. People look up to you. Be a leader. Set examples. I also disagree with the responses sayin
  12. The down vote reminds me of lets hold the college kids hand because he can not cope because he got "retakes" in highschool. Lets downvote the user to try harder and do better next time and praise those with the macros. Lets give test powers to "Tink" because he can copy and paste faster then anyone and took an hour to copy someones good answers onto an excel spreadsheet to later have that best answer here. Lets downvote "Lemona" because she really wanted to try to help but did not make as much sense because she is from Canada and French is her first language.
  13. I agree...I do not think anyone should be "downvoted" for being helpful. Its a learning experience for all. I think it gives opportunity for people to downvote those they do not like. I was never in favor of a voting system period, as I feel it just adds to that popularity measure. We see it each day with people liking posts of volunteer or admins, per example.
  14. In true Old Trade fashion, as every year, we will be celebrating Trades Anniv. a bit different this year. I will be hosting a Trade Reunion on Sunday, January 15th on xat.com/tr4de It will be very similar to years past. Old Trade staff will be coming back to xat for the day. We will talk about old times and reconnect. We will also host trivia for the users and have some contests. Hope to see everyone there for some old fashioned fun. Time is yet to be announced. EDIT* Will begin around 2 pm EST and continue throughout the day.
  15. Love you Tamer <3 His attitude DOES NOT keep him at 0. He has just learned first hand how unfair things can be. His soul and love of xat put him above 100%. Sometimes its hard to face disappointments in life though. Tamer be positive and I will always be there for you.
  16. I'm always true to myself so that can not be a resolution. Perhaps hold my tongue a bit more..OK prob. not likely to happen.
  17. 1. favorite power CLASSIC 2. Favorite chat you went to: xat.com/tr4de (rip)..Look for an announcement soon 3. Favorite part about xat: This year? Not sure I really have one. Perhaps feeling free. 4. Favorite user that you met (whether it be on xat.. or even off) Tink <3 5. Favorite forum thread :I have none. .. Bau you are 1 of my favorite forum buddies. Not threads. LOL 6. Favorite xat fan site/tool site: Definitely the interviews
  18. I will give perfect example. I could burn many volunteers and contributors that leak information....... I chose to not care instead. Many volunteers and contributors are made and then once they get the title...where are they? I am NOT hypocritical. Its NOT up to ME. If it were....users would not be waiting 17 days and information would not be getting leaked. You think I do not know about the thread made about me? Think again. I give volunteers that actually care and get the job done..their due. I am NOT really on here to bash anyone. However..the users
  19. Eww! You CAN NOT just throw in anyone to volunteer and do tickets. I get upset because Admins had a few caring volunteers that actually GOT the job done but chose to entrust in others. They trust in the wrong people. Spell chose to leave so its not a bring back Spell situation. There are still a few caring volunteers...which goes back to my "having departments is stupid post." Admins have seen users threads and complaints, I hate saying they don't care. They do to a degree. However....they will never entrust in the opinions of xat users. Until volunteers ad
  20. They are gone because they feel xat does not care about them. YOU can all say other, but I have spent 2 years trying to get people to listen. Whether this is truth or not..it is how the USERS of xat feel. Everything I said would come to pass...has. People no longer care powers or xats. You killed the spirit of trade. You ban the collectors and the familiar faces and made IDs worthless. You took away the hope. Whats left is what the powers of xat bred. Let us continue to hope that mobile is the saving grace.......
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