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  1. Congrats Max!   First lesson...always act gracious and ignore the envy.  

    There will always be people who "pretend" to be your friend and gossip.

    All you need to remember is to continue being you.  Remember the goal.

    Remember it is not about what you gain but about what you give and the

    love in doing it. I am proud of you.  

    1. Maxo


      Thank you very much (hug)  i like and i appreciate your valuable advice, i am also proud of you and your friendship, dear

  2. No method is perfect. xat also can not answer if a user is torched or has not sold a power either. This would technically be against terms. A user could easily collect a power and go on trade which is fexbot, and then never visit a fexbot chat again, but still be active on xat. Users can also block their user information. There are more "burned accounts" as well as "inactive" ones then are presently active on xat. it is simply not feasible to try to gather this information.
  3. https://prnt.sc/x61xm3 Winner of the 5k. Congrats Maxo
  4. trade contest -5K prize 30 minutes Draw a picture of why you love Trade so much. message me the entries. Judging will be at 6:30 EST
  5. Is everyone ready for another Trade Anniversary? 12 years Trade strong. Will we see some old staff and users come back? Guess you will just have to come to trade to find out. This year we are doing things a little differently. We will have some random giveaways throughout the day and some Trivia Monday night. Lowkey! Hope to see everyone there.
  6. It seems the scroll does not work if there should be one. You can only choose so many options for chat languages at the top.. If you type a language into the search bar, you are than able to change the language. This needs to be fixed.
  7. Merry Christmas to everyone and your families! Happy Holidays Grinch GIF by Originals

    1. Luana


      Merry Christmas Christina to you and all your family! 💖

  8. From a legal standpoint, xat only has to relinquish these records once asked for in writing and upon verification that you are you. ID, passport, etc. Instead of complete logs, maybe a compromise could be reached. Categories. You could request a day log as example for the past 30 or 60 days. xat transfer log for a certain time. Epic powers for a certain time period, etc. Divulging full information will make it difficult for a lot of users to recover accounts. We already saw the issues presented when xat had its servers compromised that left hundreds if not thousands of use
  9. Trade will always be my heart and my xat home. Hyper-Thank you for adding entertainment to our cause and going above and beyond to DJ in between events. Thank you to Sydno for allowing me to do this. It was beautiful to give everyone something to look forward too and to see a full house once again with 8-9 pools. I respect you so much and appreciate everything you continue to do for Trade and your willingness to always listen. Lemonhead, thank you for co-hosting with me and for planning such an incredible event. To everyone who donated, you made my heart proud in true
  10. Let us not forget Party#2 in a few hours. Still alot of xats to be won. It was a beautiful sight to see 8+ pools in Trade again. <3
  11. I have not forgot that you are master at Trivia either.
  12. I hope you are all gearing up and getting excited for this event. A few old users have flocked back for it. Be prepared for My Trivia.
  13. This is good enough to bring me back to the forums for! Can not wait for the festivities.
  14. Maybe we should have a Hall of Fame for xats best gits
  15. I'm still here just keep to myself..until others pull me into their crap. I stopped talking to most people about 4 years ago. I miss people like Spider, Nitro, Gold, Dario, Ana, and a few others. The way xat use to be. I have fond memories I will always cherish. I still speak to some, like Charlie, outside of xat. I don't like the path xat took. I feel alot left dissapointed. Others transformed who they were. I will always remain the same. I value the TRUE friendships I have made here and not the power or what people have.
  16. Happy Birthday!

    1. ider


      Hey Loved sis thanks so much for  (hug)

  17. I would have never thought I would reply to this but when you have a near perfect husband like @J0hn how could you not. Everyday we spend together is like Valentines day. You put me first always. You stand by my side always. You have remained even after all others have left. You know the real me. You never judge. You have never seen me for who you thought I was and only for who I truly am. You keep me sane. You remind me each day not to fight and of what is truly important in this world. When I hurt, you hurt and protect. When I'm ill, you are there to support. W
  18. People should stop thinking of xat as a business for themselves and learn to enjoy the beauty. This is a place to make friends and memories and stop thinking about what is in it for “me”.
  19. I am genuinely happy for her. I have listened to her every week for the past 5 years expressing her frustration. Its nice to see she never gave up and her dreams became her reality.
  20. Congrats @lemona Your biggest dream in life has now come true.
  21. Happy Birthday Nathan! John and I wish you the best today and everyday.  

    1. HelperNate


      Thank you Christina and John!

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