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  1. I hardly doubt that anyone who was given the chance to have this pawn, would not use it. You can disagree with a reason and yet still be proud and honored you were chosen. Lemona devotes alot of time to xat. Not only does she do a fantastic job in helping out, she also keeps it fun for the users. If anyone deserves this pawn from a normal user standpoint, chances are it would be Lemona. No offence to anyone else, Just Lemona is the one on chat bringing users together and making things fun. She is helping to keep the users here IMO. That in itself is a very important role. Most of us who were against the pawn for our reasons, have moved on. Our reasons became irrelevant once xat decided to give the pawn. Instead of being jealous, lets be proud of those who have achieved it and their accomplishments and be the bigger person.
  2. What you should be lobbying for instead is for your favorite chats to have "subscriber days" to draw the crowds in. Hey on August 1st...xat.com/noname is giving any visitor not registered 5 days to register if you spend the day in chat. Any registered user without days, will receive a free day. This brings people to your chat, encourages them to register, and once they see the features of being subscribed...they want more and buy. I did this in trades early days and it worked.
  3. You guys need to understand, as volunteers, they need to be supportive of xat. They do not make the rules. Why would they also "invest money", when they already invest time? I agree though. Something so simple as react should be free. Toons are people too. Maybe they should make the resellers and influencers the investors, with this thought process.
  4. It is a deserted island...therefor no electricity people. No social media. No gaming systems., at least once the power sources die. Unless you are so good...you figure out how to convert electricity from salt water. I would take a fishing net, a knife, and a hammock. I plan to survive. LOL
  5. I guess you do not have teenagers or young adults? That would be your targeted area. All those platforms have chatting and most have added new group chat features as well, so why would they wish to advertise xat to take away from their audience? xat is just a WAY better platform for chatting with all it has to offer. While I realize it is not for everyone, I think you are missing the boat. What would bring more users to xat and keep them here?
  6. The ultimate goal is to bring users to xat. Powers alone can not keep doing this. Features need to be added to give a reason to come and stay. The difference is these other sites do not have what xat already has to offer. Giving them what they want and use, and then blend of what xat already has, will make xat their preferred site of choice.
  7. I do not think it would be too difficult of an app to make. No different then live or a gaming app I would think. I am not a developer though and maybe wrong. Alot of people are always saying they wish we had something like this though. I am just bringing the idea to the table. Is it a terrible idea because it is basically xats spin on snapchat, instagram, tiktok or whatever? Possibly. But it can also be a good idea because these are the apps these kids and young adults use. storage space to upload the photos to on xat.me, which we already have. I was just saying where they can add them.
  8. Pretty simple. A photo app where xat smileys can be backgrounds or stickers for images etc. You can already add things like this to xat.me so it can contribute for basic storage.
  9. xat needs its own photo app with xat smileys. Selfies and pictures is what is important to kids and the generation today. Storage space in xat.me to upload them.
  10. From the very first forum mod to you... I love you <3 Congratulations on finally getting everything you worked for, reaching your dreams, and feeling accomplished. I feel like my last child is growing up and it is bittersweet to watch and see you shine and overcome. I honestly CAN NOT think of anyone more deserving who has devoted their life into helping others, in this little universe we call xat. Shine bright like Ariana.... while I go cry happy tears for you.
  11. Yes but in most cases it is still denied. Or you get the permissions to unblock and the companies that oversee the service providers are compromised. It is just such a losing game at this point that I would not think xat would want to invest expenses and legal strategy. At least not until some things begin to change from within. Do not get me wrong....I can appreciate this being a topic of discussion. Just how ongoing it has been is what has me surprised. Thanks for the further explanation.
  12. I am surprised this is even a discussion. I would love to see some feedback on this as someone who tried to help the turkish communities for years and personally having witnessed the problems it can create. It is not just about the expense. You would have to fight the government and the AKP, METU and BTK. I would think this is an area where hands are tied until there really is freedom of press as well as Freedom of internet.
  13. 2006 from an embedded Webkinz site. Charlie, Gizzy, Sooky, and a few others, came with me from there to here, as well. This webkinz site was also shown to Admins, showing how we could trade virtual powers and the profit in it.
  14. Christina


    Did we not have a feedback chat long ago for this? Admins also use to use polls for this type of thing. Maybe this is another push for the "polls" to make a popular comeback. Contributors were also made for this sort of thing. I also am not being negative as I feel some form of user feedback is important. I do agree with Steven that as history has shown, it is unlikely that the implementation of this idea would "last" and be effectively used. Admins rely on a few top volunteers to speak for the community and represent.
  15. I would never consider myself former staff. Former volunteer..yes. Even when I wanted 143M it was not handed to me. It took Charlie and I selling our xat.me domain for me to get it. At the opportunities presented when I could have received it as reward, I chose the other person to receive instead of myself. I realize not everyone thinks the way I do nor should they have too. Wiki translators as well as contribs or any volunteer group not listed, should just have as much right to this pawn as the label volunteer. I have the upmost respect for Sydno and the current volunteers in all forms.
  16. Everyone wants to come to New York. Honestly...for shopping perhaps, and the experience, but it is overrated. Noise, traffic, dirt, and expense... Just a few things that come to mind. If you do come though.....look me up as I am 1 state over. I love living in the East coast of America. Actually where I live reminds me of England alot, minus the roundabouts. From someone who is pretty "well-traveled", my next goals are probably Greece, for my daughters high school graduation, Italy, Bosnia, and those regions.
  17. Sometimes I think I should just stay out of this...because I said my peace. Recent comments are making this pawn about "unpaid staff" instead of influencers. First of all...if it is Admins intention to award "unpaid staff", that should just be said. They had a change of heart and decided to give a pawn to the groups of different volunteers. We could all then just move on. Talking of hate and what people deserve changes all of this and the original topic people were replying on. If admins wanted a pawn for the users and to be paid for, he would just release another pawn power. My comment about the users making this site what it is, was in regards to OUR opinions matter. Not in the shortness of powers, or not being given one. If you want this pawn, work for it. Become a volunteer, developer, or influencer. I just felt it not fair to award some groups of volunteers while not others. Contribs as example, are also unpaid volunteers. I also would prefer to see a push of an actual verification system and not some generic pawn. An actual verification system STILL GIVES the volunteers credit and rewards of being recognized as a volunteer. I think most feel this in some type of way and it has Nothing to do with hate.
  18. No one has better swag then me. LOL Nice memories.
  19. I love you <3 

    1. Lemona


      Love you too <3 grateful to have you around 

    2. Maxo


      And i love both of you (blowkiss) 

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