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  1. Refreshing the chat works fine. This happens more often is you trade alot, I have noticed. Just do a Control R between trades.
  2. Happy Birthday Ider.  Hoping you have a beautiful day!

    1. ider


      Thank you so much sis Tina (hug)

  3. Happy Birthday Mighty! 

  4. Congrats Max!   First lesson...always act gracious and ignore the envy.  

    There will always be people who "pretend" to be your friend and gossip.

    All you need to remember is to continue being you.  Remember the goal.

    Remember it is not about what you gain but about what you give and the

    love in doing it. I am proud of you.  

    1. Maxo


      Thank you very much (hug)  i like and i appreciate your valuable advice, i am also proud of you and your friendship, dear

  5. Happy birthday to you Christina.🌻
    I hope you are able to spend this day in the most peaceful way possible. 🦋🦋

    1. Christina


      Thank you beautiful <3  It was actually a perfect day!

  6. Happy birthday girl! 143♥

    1. Christina


      Thank you Rey!

  7. Happy Birthday @Christina(blowkiss)

    1. Christina


      Thank you <3 


  9. Happy Birthday Christina!! you are one of the few people who has seen me grow up !! 


    I wish you the best!! a lot of happiness and a prosperous future...


    Happy Feliz GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants Alex

    1. Christina


      Thank you Alex!


  10. Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day! Thanks for everything. (hug) 

    1. Christina


      Thank you Lemonhead <3   

  11. Happy birthday Christina    (hug)



    1. Christina


      Thank you <3 

    2. DUYGU


      You're welcome dear (hug) 

    3. Christina
  12.       Happy Birthday !

     Happy Birthday GIF by DOMCAKE

  13. Happy Birthday  @Christina(hug)






    1. Christina


      Thank you Mihai!

    2. Mihai


      You're welcome Tina (hug)

  14. No method is perfect. xat also can not answer if a user is torched or has not sold a power either. This would technically be against terms. A user could easily collect a power and go on trade which is fexbot, and then never visit a fexbot chat again, but still be active on xat. Users can also block their user information. There are more "burned accounts" as well as "inactive" ones then are presently active on xat. it is simply not feasible to try to gather this information.
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