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    The beauty of the butterfly.  People often overlook the caterpillar, ignoring it on the ground.

    They take the place of those before them. It takes time for the transformation

    just as it takes time for us to grow.  Soon they morph into a beautiful butterfly that people admire their

    colors and how often they are hard to catch. Some fly higher than others.  They are graceful. Beautiful!


    Happy Birthday to a beautiful lady that I have literally watched grow before me through the years. 

    We have the type of relationship that we can be blunt and honest with one another

    and be truly sincere. We can accept the good and the bad and know that we still have the others full support. 

    Not many  can truly say this.  It is rare to have this type of bond as I have not allowed myself to get this close with many

    and the truth is...not for a long time.


    You are like a butterfly for me.  I have watched you morph and grow.

    Now I am anxious to watch you spread your wings and fly. I love you <3 




    1. Lemona


      I ran out of reactions :( !!!!


      Thank you for being my "xat mom" and somehow always supporting me, we are similar yet so different at the same time and I think that's what sets us apart. I appreciate our time together over the years and I love that I can say almost anything to you knowing that you'll always listen or offer advice. You were a great leader and role model in the past, regardless of the countless times of you being too harsh with me (but I know it was all for good intentions).  I love you too <3 🦋

  2. Congrats Luana! I know that you will do a beautiful job. <3
  3. not true. A handful of volunteers chose not to be listed. I will be the "old timer" here and disagree with the suggestion. Since the beginning of cyan pawn creation, people have suggested a pawn for volunteers, a token for resellers, etc. It has always been shot down with the notion that a certain group is not to be more special then another. I fought for emeriti to be removed because it listed some who did not deserve and not others who did. The history was not known to the list at the time. I am guessing very few here could even tell me WHO the original volunte
  4. Happy Birthday Beautiful!(blowkiss)


    1. Amnaa


      ty sis (blowkiss)

  5. Refreshing the chat works fine. This happens more often is you trade alot, I have noticed. Just do a Control R between trades.
  6. Happy Birthday Ider.  Hoping you have a beautiful day!

    1. ider


      Thank you so much sis Tina (hug)

  7. Happy Birthday Mighty! 

  8. Congrats Max!   First lesson...always act gracious and ignore the envy.  

    There will always be people who "pretend" to be your friend and gossip.

    All you need to remember is to continue being you.  Remember the goal.

    Remember it is not about what you gain but about what you give and the

    love in doing it. I am proud of you.  

    1. Maxo


      Thank you very much (hug)  i like and i appreciate your valuable advice, i am also proud of you and your friendship, dear

  9. Happy birthday to you Christina.🌻
    I hope you are able to spend this day in the most peaceful way possible. 🦋🦋

    1. Christina


      Thank you beautiful <3  It was actually a perfect day!

  10. Happy birthday girl! 143♥

    1. Christina


      Thank you Rey!

  11. Happy Birthday @Christina(blowkiss)

    1. Christina


      Thank you <3 


  13. Happy Birthday Christina!! you are one of the few people who has seen me grow up !! 


    I wish you the best!! a lot of happiness and a prosperous future...


    Happy Feliz GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants Alex

    1. Christina


      Thank you Alex!


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