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  1. Christina

    what a pet you have

    Her name is Snow.
  2. Christina

    Social Chat

    Your perception of a popular chat is different then mine. I’m not on here to discuss chat or the past. I offered Mike my opinion on social. Nothing more.
  3. Christina

    Social Chat

    Chat was also once a dead chat, with complaints. I then invited all the Wiki editors to care for it. I wanted to keep Adams dream alive. Perhaps reach out to a global set of people. You could always make it a contributors run chat. Make it international. Promote it on Twitter, Facebook page, and "Social" media sites. I think you rely on promo too much. The English side hardly promos anymore or looks to it.
  4. Christina


    Christina (10000143)
  5. Over 10 years here...not sure if I should post the celebrating status or wonder what I could of accomplished instead. (toj)

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    2. JoshuaRivenbark


      Happy 10th Anniversary, Christina!

    3. Christina


      You are only as old as you feel.  I always said I am 143!


      TY Joshua (hug)

    4. TIMMER


      Happy Birthday

  6. <333333333333  


    1. J0hn



    2. Christina



  8. Christina


    I'm more worried that an avatar change has drawn this much attention to the dark side. Too many brownies perhaps, says Obi wan.
  9. Happy Birthday!  Even if you left forums...wanted you to know.  hope your day is great.

  10. Happy Birthday!  I hope that your day is special.  tell Malcolm same.

    1. JoshuaRivenbark


      Thank you, Christina! I will let him know.

  11. Way to be positive Mr Contributor! As Daniel said...this is nothing new. xat needs to make weekly powers to continue to run a site. That is just the way it is. I don't think "unclothed" hippos of a different color, constitutes copyright. Ideas always come from somewhere.
  12. <33333333333333333 

  13. Christina

    489 HIPPOS

    A spin on Molly! very nice. For those that want a little xat history. There use to be a "official" and then "unofficial" chat called home. The main owner there was Molly. She loved hippos. Hense...The hippo smiley/kiss was born and named Molly.
  14. Christina


    Christina (10000143)
  15. EWnYK17.png

    1. Christina


      This is beautiful <3  You always make me feel like the most beautiful women  in the world <3333

      You make me a better me <3  You always remind me of what is important in life and to not fight for what is not <3

      Just like you, this is perfect <3  Thank you my love <3333


    2. J0hn




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