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  1. Abandon the Contributors.

    Contributors were not made to discuss peoples behavior unless those said people were being considered for a position of "said power." Or being asked if someone like me should have emertei status, as example. They were made to discuss things like mobile. Powers. New mains of officials. That sort of thing. Contributors were made to help xat. To suggest ideas. To be the voices of the people. Not to pass judgment. We NEED contributors. WHY? To keep the balance! So that an Anarchy is not formed with the same users reaching for power.... The contributors are suppose to give us hope where the volunteers fail. Vise versa. Fix the broken. Do not abolish it.
  2. Happy Birthday Tink <3  TY for always being there for me and be the bestest friend that a girl can have.  I hope that your day is very special for you <3

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      Thank you so much Tina <3 <3 <3 <3!!!! Love you!

  3. Happy Mothers Day!!

    Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mothers on xat. I plan to spend it with my Mother. I went shopping for 6 hours today to find her that perfect gift <3
  4. Many people, especially ignorant people, want to punish you for speaking the truth, for being correct, for being you.  Never apologize for being correct, or for being years ahead of your time.  If you're right and you know it, speak your mind. Speak your mind even if you are a minority of one.  The truth is still the truth. ~Mohandas Gandhi

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      (swt) WElcome to XAT!

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      like X1000000000000000000000000



  5. Voice Message Snippet (VOICE)

    I think it a good idea. The others are more difficult to navigate.
  6. Guess the song!

    Lana Del Rey - ultraviolence! Love her btw! "On my knees. Ill ask One last chance for 1 last dance. cause with you I would withstand all the hell to hold your hand"
  7. Guess the song!

    Post a few lyrics from a song and the next person has to guess the song. They will follow with listing some lyrics themselves. "To all your friends your'e delirious. So consumed. In all your doom. Trying hard to fill the emptiness."
  8. One single official chat

    What would happen if you get multiple pools for trade instead? What would happen if you max out pool sizes? .. not a good idea.
  9. Xat's To-Do List

    Also...is protect being worked on or broke ATM? Have to prove not a robot 20 times to get onto any chat and forget getting on test chat @Admin

    Ugg! Truth has always been if you are not known or liked by volunteers...then you have little chance. It does not matter what you are capable of. Honestly...I would be a hypocrite to say I haven't disagreed with some becoming volunteer or opposed others. Often times it was due to mistrust and I DO KNOW that I have a hard time of letting go of some peoples past mistakes and just trusting anyone. I also had a sense of they just were not good enough..always wanting the best for xat. I think this is where people get the "its who you know attitude from." That feeling or vibe. Just explaining it from another pesrpective. My issue is not how volunteers are chosen. Ones I thought would amaze me...have disappointed. Ones I felt would amount to nothing..are sometimes the ones who really care. I do not think changing the current volunteer structure and process is the problem and will fix xat. I do feel they should have accountability though. I don't care for your comment that people are mad because they aren't volunteer. Not everyone can be. Also most I see posting here...would not even want it. Steven..I know you. I also know that comment was not intended how it sounded. However....it gives me the vibe that I am volunteer and above all attitude though. Like I said..I know it was not your intention. I believe you are 1 that went in hoping to change xat and make it better. My reference to this is not to single you out but to answer and shed to light to several pcs that I received about it. Just putting it out there in the open.

    Again..only Admins can change what is broken. The volunteers/contributors/wiki editors/ community can help by voicing opinion and actually admit there are problems. Like I said...if I learned 1 thing on xat...it is that you have to make noise to get anything done.

    This was kinda sorta in effect already when i was volunteer. There already is a very small group of higher ranked volunteers. Unfortunately, this is where most of the delays come in because the tickets take much longer. Its a very closed group and not every volunteer is capable. The answer isn't just add more there either,

    Stop bashing the volunteers! It is NOT an easy job. While I agree...their is major delay, not ALL volunteers have access to the delayed departments. Only a select few. Like I said 6 months ago.....the major issue is having restricted access to departments in the first place. The answer is NEVER just make more volunteers. Not everyone is capable. The result you would get is instead a push of a button and a pre made response. I am not saying get rid of the volunteers who do not have time or do little either. Having been a volunteer for years though, I can say that we never let tickets get past 2 or 3 pages. Once it got close, on our own, we would get in touch with other volunteers and do a major cram session done to get the users taken care of. I do agree except for a select few....volunteers have lost touch with the users and prefer it that way. So give them some credit if they actually are fighting to change the system. Lets hope the results are more promising then the last time we had a debate about this and were promised better results with new volunteers added. Keep in mind...they want that emertei title in the future and do not want to be discharged for fighting back.... Also...I am tired of hearing without pay replies...They get added perks. They volunteer and have standing and title. They receive free powers they can sell. There are also other little perks at times. Can you compare it to a full or part time job? No..but then again if it was real pay it would be a "paid" position with accountability and I doubt any of the current and even most of the past volunteers would of then had the opportunity.

    "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all" ~ Micheal LeBouef

    @Admin We have heard mobile takes priority for the past 3 years. It will be the saving grace of xat. But reality is initiative needs to be taken yesterday to restore faith in the users and to improve the quality of the site. People are not on here to "bash" xat. People love and care for the site and want you to understand that you need a wake up call to listen, so that there is a site for them to continue on. There is high frustration level when you are out of touch with what your paying customers want or need and even the people you entrust, are at loss to help. People are upset that they have no one to turn to in there times of need, whether it be reporting glitches, making suggestions, waiting on tickets, and have no one there to listen. On the other side...mobile is def. a good idea and will help the quality of the site. However, reality is that some, like me, prob. will never use it. Therefor, we look forward to changes and improvements chat side of things