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  1. I still remember you from Contests You were humble, you never bought xats but you won like every power there xD I will never forget the matchban record you made, ah old memories.
  2. Be a millionaire, stay in LA for a few weeks. Seems hard but if you got the brains, you can try and you'll see!
  3. I was always poor, couldn't afford any Only was BFF with Mango for a few days
  4. Some mad old video from the 2012 community. If you were from there, here's a throwback
  5. In my opinion, xat went downhill and it's not the same. Like others have said, there's major problems concerning tickets, forums and some powers etc. which should be assured and delt with accordingly. One problem is that the admin is focusing his time on developing an app but then the admin is acting like it'll be successful when it might not because the only people who'd use it right now are the people on xat right now and wanting an app more to stay more interconnected rather than sitting on a computer device. My one point: There should be another admin or 'head of charge' in rather than one because this will slow down the improvements of xat which can frustrate people and cause them leave. And another solution is to keep xat more updated. From what I've been seeing on the site, some ticket services and powers could be updated. There should be a new ticket system service implemented, this means that a selection of people should be keeping up with tickets because there's been a lack of service for tickets(what I've seen in threads). I rarely keep up with the forums and xat chats nowadays, sorry if my statistics and information is incorrect above ^^, just what I think should be dealt.
  6. Thanks so much! Just miss these old memories of volunteers who weren't inactive and helped frequently. Just curious but what did happen to Spell and Joombly, they seemed like the actual 'OG' of xat. Aswell, weren't Lizzie a volunteer as well because they were active on xat years ago with Adam running xat.
  7. Man what happened to Spell? I haven't seen former volunteers like him and others in a while. Name the the ex-volunteers please because I rarely come on xat nowadays
  8. Help the world. Work hard for something that will change it forever. But first I have to make money and buy xat
  9. Thorpe Park Fright Night Quite cool and fun if you live near London or in England.
  10. Hi, what is your favorite type of clothing or 'streetwear' as most people say My favorite is Supreme (bit of a hypebeast) but I have some Supreme collabs with North Face and Stone Island. So tell me what's yours (sorry I said it twice lol)
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