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  1. P1 McLaren , Nissan GT-R or Skyline. <3
  2. I Tried. 1. Outer : #button color : f3942f / e125e3 V2 : ( forgot to add my id lol . ) Outer : #button color |: 1b72f5 / 0012ff And the last one : + Outer #button color : 2231b7 / da3a24 If you neeed someting. you can find me at Game. or pm here on forum. Credit : Manu, for the template (outer)
  3. I don` think its about the 10k or 6k. or idk.. for me. tbh its kinda hard to find some good resources. because of that theme lol (XD) but im gonna try to do something later..
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