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  1. Ruzo

    hello @elea(hug)

  2. ANGY


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    2. Maverick


      Reporting this!

    3. Elea


      Or you can enjoy procrastinating with us 

    4. Maverick




      Okay, fair enough! 

  3. Elea

    Happy Birthday! 🎉

    1. Stif


      Thank you! 🌹

  4. Elea

    Welcome New Contributors

    Thank you all! I'll do my best
  5. Elea


    ELEA (1313)
  6. Elea

    Change pawn from main owner

    Sometimes we have to leave things as they are. For me, the default pawn color is one of xat characteristics and shouldnt be changed. If we continue to want to change everything, xat will eventually lose its soul.
  7. Elea

    Poll On Why xat Is Getting Less Busy

    I think one of the important reasons is that there isnt a good way to promote xat. Relying on word of mouth and embed in websites is no longer sufficient today. Certainly, some users leave and its quite natural. But what about new users who join? Maybe they should invest a little more on the methods of promotion to make xat better known. We mustnt wait for old people to come back to fix everything, there are alternative methods.
  8. Elea


    ELEA (1313)
  9. Elea

    Happy Birthday!

  10. Elea

    467 YOGA

    The legs aren't bad, it reminds me Mickey. But shouldn't they be yellow? That would make more sense
  11. Elea

    466 | Plants

    Why not repeat some themes? It gives more choices to users. Being innovative is a difficult task and smiley makers do their best to satisfy everyone. If there's no power each week, it may reduce xat benefits and some users may be bored of having to wait a long time for the release of a new power. It's a double-edged sword.
  12. Elea

    Joyeux anniversaire Sydno ! 🎉  (hug) 

    (Happy BDay)

    1. Sydno


      Merci Elea (hug) Thanks a lot! :p 


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