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  1. Hello Elea I Am Lloyd Banks In The Assistance Room I Am Albanian Who Should Help You Albanian For Any Problem

  2. Elea

    Joyeux anniversaire l'ami ! 🎂 🎉 *Chantonne la fameuse chanson d'anniversaire* Oui oui, t'y échapperas pas ! 😇 Je te souhaite plein de bonheur et une année remplie de belles choses !

  3. We're very happy to see the interest you all have in this matter! We want to let you know a survey about the HTML5 chat to get your feedback will be available very soon! The information that will be collected will be very useful for the HTML5 team, so save all your opinions to submit them when the survey is available. Stay tuned!
  4. Happy Birthday Abrahan! 🎂🎉

    1. Abrahan


      Thank you for having the detail to congratulate me, you are an incredible companion! (hug)

  5. The Private Message feature on HTML5 chats could be upgraded with two new additions: The first addition is a feature that would allow us to display and hide a private message whenever we want (see Image 1 and 2). We would just have to click on the lock to display it and click again to hide it. It would be useful to be able to take screenshots of the main chat while keeping our messages private and without having to sign out/in and lose them to hide them. This would be in line with the spirit of the HTML5 version which is smarter and more instinctive. The second addition is to be able to see the regname of the user we are sending the message to (see Image 2). Sometimes we send a message, we get distracted, and we're not sure who we're sending it to anymore. It will allow us to make sure it has reached the right recipient. Image 1. Image 2. Credit to @SLOom for suggesting to add an automatic message to the locked lock. What are your thoughts?
  6. Happy Birthday sweetie!! 🎉🎂 (blowkiss)

    1. DjCrazy


      Thank you, sis (blowkiss) I am glad to have you (hug)

  7. The fact that the speed of the converted gif doesn't always match that of the initial gif isn't a bug and is normal. From what I observed, the converter on xat only takes into account the number of frames (number of "images") that there are in a gif without taking into account the time with which the frames are running. So if in a gif there are few frames but the transition between them is long, the gif will look fast on xat. The solution to this would be to be able to use the initial gif directly without converting it. For now, you can either choose a gif with enough frames, or you can use an image editing software to repeat some frames.
  8. Not xat-related question: if you could spend 1 hour with a personality from any era, who would you spend it with and what would you talk about? xat-related question: what's the graphic design you've done that you're most proud of?
  9. Congratulations @Stif!
  10. Elea


    I hope this animated version can help. I can post a preview on HTML5 later if needed.
  11. Elea

    Happy Birthday Bryan! 

    1. Bryan


      Thank you! : )

  12. Happy Birthday Angelo! 🎉

    1. Angelo


      Thank you, Madame!

  13. Yes, it does: https://prnt.sc/s8zn9l
  14. It's happened in several official chats so I think it's more of a general problem but I can't rule out it's someone removing them and it's not shown.
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