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  1. Tolga10

    .Shortname transfer

    my clear browser but not opened ticket
  2. Tolga10

    .Shortname transfer

    i login now but error again
  3. Tolga10

    .Shortname transfer

    http://prnt.sc/duaxiq Error again
  4. Tolga10

    .Shortname transfer

    http://prnt.sc/duavib Error
  5. Tolga10

    .Shortname transfer

    I can not open the ticket and it gives an error Do you open a name ticket please
  6. Tolga10

    .Shortname transfer

    Hi, I'd like my short name "Fisilti" transferred to another account. Transfer from ID: Fisilti(168949494) Transfer to ID: AltinSarisi(171000171) Please do what you can. i dont opened Ticket, in error.

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