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  1. error 55

    ok tq tanner
  2. error 55

    Ticket #88***** Ticket Status:open Department:Emailed Create Date:27/Dec/2016 3:10 am ( this is my ticket) yes my acc being inactive for long periods of time..then how ? ermmm....ok then i will wait for it, tq guys
  3. error 55

    i alrealy open a ticket Ticket #88****** Ticket Status:open Department:Emailed Create Date:27/Dec/2016 3:10 am
  4. error 55

    Dear xat, honestly i dont like u held me up. im the owner of this id eFisabilillah (199130164), the problems is i cant make transfer xats, cant received days i have power and xats on it, i want to play again. so can you please help me fixet it. i hope as soon as possible becouse i cant wait to enjoy all over again. thank you xat. i dont wanna loose them .pls systerm errors?blocks (55) : your account is held indefinitely. blocks all outgoing trades and transfer.