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  1. WHEN IS IT?

  2. Hi everybody, It's time to share with you this Batman Template, I haven't posted new templates for a while. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Halloween Download < Click here ( I also added layer styles in the text, so you can edit it )
  3. iJuanR

    ANGRIER power

    Oh, it's wonderful. Keep working. Great Job! - I hope they could use some of your designs if they want to add this as a new power.
  4. Happy Birthday, Solange. (victory)

    1. Solange


      Thanks Jake!

  5. Happy Birthday Babe:$

    Wishing you a great day, you deserve it. (hug)



    1. Addict


      Thank youuu! (hug) 

  6. You could be about to kill me, 'cause I haven't watched any film about the Avengers, this was the first one and I was completely amazed, I enjoyed it and I can say It's worth watching. I love it and I hope I can watch the other films. Btw the end was sad, I didn't know anything about these movies, though.
  7. Happy Birthday Lemona♥ Wish you a great day ♥/♥


    PD: Ariana sucks :$

    1. Lemona


      Thank you!!! ❤️ And no. :) 

  8. iJuanR

    My works♥

    Hello, I'm a bit bored, so I came to share with you some of my designs, I hope you enjoy it!
  9. iJuanR (410077992) if u will be there, It's gonna be boring.. Edit: I forgot to put my REG and ID
  10. Ho Ho, I'm here, these are my work, enjoy it! Inner: Outer: Color Button: #ac4b4b Good Luck to Everyone! iJuanR (410077992)
  11. iJuanR


    iJuanR (410077992)
  12. I hope find ''Guess the lyrics'', I'll be right there.
  13. Hello papi, I was thinking about how could they enjoy it.. So I've tried my best today:P Inner: Outer: Color Button: #3c0f0f Thank you♥
  14. Gud afternoon, bello (ugh)

  15. From your point of view, and I can understand.. but example you have been on xat Ayuda one year, the main owner leave and new main owner arrive. So, he chose remove your rank. Do you like that? I'm not saying ''Sydno'' like the bad guy.. I hope he can see that and apreaccite it, and everyone can win their rank like the old staff did it!
  16. English: Hi, it could be fine. I just hope this does not bring us bad people. They know who I mean (Sorry the truth) I want to tell you about what I think of the team who was in help. They have won their rank And I just can not understand why the main owner wants to lower the range. Maybe you answer me that because of it, not knowing them will do it .. but, do you know how much these people have been in the xat? so that from one moment to another they are taken down .. it is absurd and it is not compressible to be honest. We know that if you have not been there, then you do not know anything about how the team moves I am saying this, because many people have criticized some staffs, but they have never been in the xat for a long time. In the end, the same will be received by people who really show interest in helping and not because this is my '' friend '' people who even want to be in the xat (a lot of interest is shown, but not of help, if not rank) and demonstrate how they can contribute. Original: Hola, podría estar bien. Solo espero que esto no nos traiga mala gente. Ellos saben a quienes me refiero ( Penoso la verdad ) Quiero decirles sobre lo que pienso del equipo quien estuvo en ayuda. Ellos han ganado su rango Y simplemente no puedo entender el porque el main owner ( temporal ) quiere bajar el rango. Tal vez me respondas que por ello mismo, no conocerlos lo hará.. pero, ¿sabes tú cuánto esta gente ha estado en el xat? como para que de un momento a otro sean bajados.. es absurdo y no es compresible para serles honesto. Sabemos que si no has estado ahí, entonces no conoces nada de como se mueve el equipo Estoy diciendo esto, porque mucha gente ha criticado algunos staffs, pero nunca han estado en el xat por tiempo. En fín, igual serán recibidos la gente que realmente muestra interés de ayudar y no de porque esta mi ''amigo'' gente que si quiera estar en el xat ( mucho interés se muestra, pero no de ayuda, si no rango ) y demostrar como puede aportar.
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