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  1. 480 DRAGONS

    wow very nice dragons. I like them
  2. OceanProject is dead

    !premium [time/freeze/unfreeze] I think this command is available only on new xatbot. It's good for example, if nobody have in your chat or you go holiday (you will be offline and your chat will be empty) you can use: !premium freeze and your bot will be classic(example: your bot is premium: 30 days) until you use: !premium unfreeze your bot will have 30 days premium Have this function on any other bots?
  3. /message PC/PM

    Yeah, but not on new xatbot.
  4. /message PC/PM

    !pc [regname/id] message already have this command. !pm [regname/id] message too. Need add !pc [regname1] [ regname2] [regname3] message !pm [regname1] [regname2] [regname3] message How many users can I send pc or pm message in same time max? 2-3? or limitless? Can you add !mail send [regname1] [ regname2] [regname3] too ? What about for this? !mail send chatstaff? need add or not important? (because have !online chatstaff command) Can you add those if they are good idea @Jedi ?

    MightyBrain1 (1497708246)
  6. Congrat Nathan, your new rank on forum.

    1. HelperNate


      Haha thank you, but I just got re-added!

  7. New Years Power Giveaway 2018!

    This contest is finished. Don't write any comment here please. Where is @HelperNate?
  8. Boldog Új Évet ! / Happy New Year !

  9. Languages of staff

    This idea is good an helper chat, like help chat or bots provider chats, but I think isn't important an chat where people go to talk and fun only and not need help on any languages.

    This contest finished 6 hours 45 mins ago. Don't write your regname+id anymore.
  11. WIN FLAGHUG (2)

    MightyBrain1 (1497708246)
  12. New year event.

    Contest on this chat now http://prntscr.com/htyx6a with @ANGY

    MightyBrain1 (1497708246)
  14. 476 FLAGHUG

    Other question, Can you change the flag's message without color and add a country flag same time or only work separate? @Maverick
  15. 476 FLAGHUG

    Can you change the flag's message with color and add a country flag same time? @Maverick