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  1. Happy birthday !(hug)

  2. 🎈Happy birthday, JOhn! 🎂

  3. keep

    Happy Birthday

  4. Happy Birthday :)

  5. Born

    Happy birthday !

  6. Exin

    Happy Birthday

  7. Kaay

    Happy Birthday, have a good one!

     happy birthday GIF

  8. The time to leave  xat after 8 years , so if anyone  is interested for my id (2014) ,you can send me a message  here. 

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    2. Mighty1


      Best wishes in your life bro, you were my best bro on xat. thank you everything (hug) Mythos the best beer8-)

    3. J0hn


      I want to thank you for your wishes!!

      I was pleased for this 8 years on xat.I met good friends but and very bad people.

      From there i met the love of my life @Christina and i want to start living with her.

      @Mighty1 my best bro iam very happy to met you,we will not lose each other,we will talk to fb.

      I also want to thank you @Sydno you helped me without knowing each other,you kept me from doing any harm sometimes. i thank you all (hug) and dont forget the real life inst here!!!

    4. Christina


      Σ'αγαπω babe!  (blowkiss)

  9. Σ'αγαπω  (blowkiss)(blowkiss)(blowkiss)

  10. https://youtu.be/rhPErmXGDg4

     I came to Greece ,we live drinking in the night

    All the money in the evening,I and you drunk

    Wow baby Marked ,

    Every day hotter ,loving each other

    Seduces ,the look kills, I  fail under the stars like i'm in the living room

    Kiss me gently and drown in the bed sheet

    I will give you baby all over the world

    Without you every day it rains

    If i lost you, there is nothing

    Ella es una mujer Caliente <3333


    1. Christina


      Σ'αγαπω (blowkiss)(blowkiss)

  11. the legends never die!!! T.A will punish:d <333

    1. Christina
    2. J0hn


       babe lets start with her (hippo)@Lemona


  12. ur invitation # Flip @lemona

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