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  1. Happy birthday !(hug)

  2. ūüéąHappy birthday, JOhn! ūüéā

  3. keep

    Happy Birthday

  4. Happy Birthday :)

  5. Born

    Happy birthday !

  6. Exin

    Happy Birthday

  7. Kaay

    Happy Birthday, have a good one!

     happy birthday GIF

  8. The time to leave  xat after 8 years , so if anyone  is interested for my id (2014) ,you can send me a message  here. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Amnaa


      all the best in your life (hug)

    3. Mighty1


      Best wishes in your life bro, you were my best bro on xat. thank you everything (hug) Mythos the best beer8-)

    4. J0hn


      I want to thank you for your wishes!!

      I was pleased for this 8 years on xat.I met good friends but and very bad people.

      From there i met the love of my life @Christina and i want to start living with her.

      @Mighty1 my best bro iam very happy to met you,we will not lose each other,we will talk to fb.

      I also want to thank you @Sydno you helped me without knowing each other,you kept me from doing any harm sometimes. i thank you all (hug) and dont forget the real life inst here!!!

  9. ur invitation # Flip @lemona

  10. New World Record 2019 Extreme Tuners EVO 9 7.708 Sec



     #world fastest Mitsubishi Evo (ok)

    1. Deymian


      Flash is scared after to see this!(sry)

  11. Hello eveyone!!! we see the reduction on xat for months what happens??what mistakes have been made, Is time for us to talk without a fight what mistake make ???
  12. I open xat first time 2012 , i met @Vale and she help me alot times.. so yes i miss her !!!
  13. Happy Birthday bro (hug)

    1. Christina


      Happy Birthday Mighty!

    2. Mighty1


      Thank you John and Christina (hug)

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