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  1. Unable to create a ticket.

    Ok, thank you !
  2. Unable to create a ticket.

    Thank you for your advice. ^^
  3. Unable to create a ticket.

    Hello. One of my accounts it's locked out bcause my ISP keep changing my ip adress and when I'm trying to make a ticket, I'm gettin' this error : Unable to create a ticket. Please correct errors below and try again! What should I do ? Thanks. P.S. : Problem solved, thank you all for your help !
  4. Locked account E29

    Just made a new ID, but I cant open a new ticket in ,,Locked Out" department. ID must be locked to open a ticket there. I opened one but I cant see ticket status. I cant login to see it. I hope they will reply me on my email. The one I used to create xat username.
  5. Locked account E29

    I created the ticket before I post here. Sorry for not being clear.
  6. Locked account E29

    I should tell them thats when they reply me on my email, I guess. Sry , It's my first ticket and I'm kinda lost. xD
  7. Locked account E29

    Thanks a lot.
  8. Locked account E29

    I used my xat user name for that ticket. They will answer me on the email I use to create that user name ?
  9. Locked account E29

    Hello there. First of all, sry for my english, it's not my native. I have a problem with my account. I just change my internet provider and seems my account its now locked. I was trying to open a ticket, but when I wanna check ticket status something apear : ,,Sorry cannot login at this time.. Click here to re-login to xat chat." . And I cant re-login, because of that error, E29 (**Security check: This account is locked. You can only login at home. Please read:xat account locking. E29**) . What should I do ? Thanks. P.S. I asked about this on http://xat.com/help and they told my I should ask here for a ticket to be opened for me.