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  1. Selling 100k xats 

  2.  True happiness never leave. Follow your way smiles of angels. 

    Happy Birthday(a):$(hug) (blowkiss) Asa Pupa- ma  

    1. Marya


      Thank you from my heart (blowkiss)(hug) (blowkiss)

  3. Thank you everyone,

  4. You can close your eyes to things you don't wanna see, but you can't close your heart to things you don't wanna feel.... I Love you! :$

    1. Marya


      @iBandyIn little time you make me to love you ,and know that i love you wthout any limit ,  and yes you right i cant close my heart :$   

      thank you my love  


  5. https://youtu.be/IP3Ki_bqLzw 

    1. Marya


      no more than me be sure  :$ (blowkiss) 


    2. iBandy


      Te iubesc :$(blowkiss) 

    3. Marya


      Si eu te iubesc inimioara mea (blowkiss):$ 


  6. iBandy (1489468085) iBandy (1489468085)
  7. The most precious possession that ever comes to a man in this world is a woman's heart. i Love you!
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