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  1. exhausted from hard days work playing tennis...

    1. Steven


      just another tough day in the life of a famous legend... sigh

  2. Proxies barely do a thing since xat does a decent job at detecting them and not allowing people to log in with them.
  3. That's why xat logs IP addresses, genius.
  4. I wonder if they have momdoing locations too.
  5. Let's be realistic here. This contest only shows who is fastest at copying and pasting information from a well known wiki page, not who actually knows about xat. Make a contest that requires skill, and then I'll be more respectful. Copying and pasting doesn't mean you KNOW the information.
  6. Disqualified means you can't participate in the contest anymore. Just wait until he sends you 398457349857 more fake backgrounds.
  7. Here's a great question: What does xat's community lack? There is no prize. Answer is hidden in post. answer is knowledge
  8. Get a new ISP. Obviously xat won't admit whether it's their fault or not/
  9. This has to be his best FO performance, no?
  10. Nadal won. The question is: Does he surpass Sampras on the list of GOATs now?
  11. I think Zverev has more potential than Thiem, but that's my opinion. Thiem doesn't have much tactical play and he exerts too much effort on his groundstrokes (often contacting the ball later than most players). Djokovic getting bageled in 2005 was against Safin (who won the Australian Open that year), for the record.
  12. Semifinals: Nadal vs. Thiem Murray vs. Wawrinka @Crow It's the first time Djokovic was bageled since 2012, when Federer bageled him en route to a 6-0 7-6 victory at Cincinnati.
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