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  1. Those people who lack common sense scare the (sman) out of me. How do they survive?

  2. Gui

    Gui    Rut


    1. Gui



    2. (See 13 other replies to this status update)

  3. what's the thing that makes xat special than other websites ? 

  4. People do not help, they get you down, Why? Honestly, do not care, you can do everything you want to get, keep doing the same good job, you succeed.

    Regards Bau

  5. Apple fan boys will never have apps running beautiful like's happenin' Android Q wonz.




    Perfect multi tasking :)

  6. I have written two status only to delete those written by paulo. (a)


  7. What do now?

  8. ♥ Just give love to all

  9. I have a bad boyfriend :)

  10. I have a bad boyfriend :)

  11. I have a bad boyfriend :)

  12. Gui

    Gui    Bau

    Parabéns Bauzinho (goo)(hug)  !!

  13. My reputation in the forum caught never changes:@

  14. When you're looking forward to xat's new power but it's just another animal smiley power



  15. We offer 4.4.0  -  4.4.1 For forum! (applause)

    Admin is required to accept the update. (only if he wants acc that.)


  16. https://i.imgur.com/9ohk1I1.jpg gr8 serie to watch while ppl are wasting time with carnival.

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