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  1. You're wrong... you still have a chance to get the bonus, 50 xats. = 400 xats Isn't that enough?
  2. my player hasnt been approved, pls approve you are doing nothing i will accuse you with cupim 20 days my player been denied help schlop schlop

  3. Thuk

    player rejected

    Your player should work now.
  4. Thuk

    562 HAIRB

    - Edit: Paul did.
  5. what do you mean by that? because they answer tickets and look how it is.
  6. I think he is referring that in "Explorer" doesn't show the Login button and he can't sign in. I just tested and it's not working/showing. And as xLaming said, I recommend you to use these browsers until xat fix this:
  7. galerinha esse é o bielmath... errei pensando que era o Matheus q conheço, não se enganem também :/

    1. Matheus


      o matheus q vc conhece pegou a prima (do thuk)?

  8. Bah diz que é aniversário kkk parabéns lek 🎂 🎉 tmj

  9. Thuk

    Parabéns Jean!! meu presente vai ser guest no ajuda blz flw abçs

  10. Thuk

    Facebook Preview

    missing the sdk.js
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