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  1. There was once a man, a man so colorful and dark as the darkness that lived upon us in Space.


    He was the darkest of the dark, he was the most cheerful of the cheerful and the most vainglorious soul there is. 


    One day the darkest of the dark soul couldn't handle the two friends who he hung out with, Light and Moon. The darkest of the dark couldn't handle the synergy that was being thrown his way and decided to join the lowest of the ground, the ground of nothing where he began his journey to climb into the silver city, only to be shun down multiple times. 


    He the darkest of the dark decided to end his journey by betraying his two greatest friends only to become the most disgraceful thing - the disgraceful thing was joining the lowest of the low to achieve something. 


    His friends changed his title "the darkest of the darkest" to the "lowest of 'em all". He was too much of a crying soul, he wanted his friends back - but story has it that he's no longer able to serve the friends, and was banished into the realms where the slums and dogs live now.


    The disgraceful grounds is what the Kings Order called them.


    Fairy tales are nice. Isn't that right, @Leandro?


    - Story ends here.

    - Based on some event. 

    - Ground-S.

  2. Thuk

    Power Japonecita

    A good one, I hope they can do this. (or something like that)
  3. Thuk

    Radió Help !

    Done, unblocked. Enjoy.
  4. Thuk

    Hola Novia 😈

    1. Leandro



    2. Rut


      JAJAJAJAAJAJA, Hola chicos

  5. ¡Feliz cumpleaños de verdad ahora!


    Love you, my buddy, (blowkiss) !

  6. Si ya ha respondido a las preguntas usted necesita esperar ahora.
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