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  1. Ziggs

    2017 powers

    @Mihay In xat we dont have an Pigeon power. I would like to be: kpigeon with koani smilies. Thats my opinion.
  2. Same we are proud of you and of OLD XATTRADE . We will miss it.
  3. Christina i am sure you will bring every old, user and staff in your Tr4de.
  4. No. I think its good to be LIMITED, not to be GROUP POWER.
  5. Bau

    This has happened once. (hippo)(sman)

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    2. Bau
    3. Ziggs


      :d Stop bro i cant translate while u are talking to me:o Flip:p


    4. Bau
  6. 19051905 , 190519055, 19050000
  7. Any staff - I want this post to be closed. Thanks.
  8. 1. Favourite power: Battle - bcs this is the first power i got for free, and i got this fo free bcs im an Wiki Translator. 2. Favourite chat you went to: Trade, Help. - in Trade i am making xats, in Help just staying when translating pages at Wiki. 3. Favourite part about xat: Volunteers 4. Favourite user that you met: @Angelo @Zaki @Kyle @Andre and #DAN 5. Favourite forum thread: I dont have favourite there. 6. Favourite xat fan site/tool site etc: FEXTools
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