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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. iDan

    Happy Birthday

  3. Hello, how are you? I was thinking about the ruby and I remembered the diamond! and I found this idea to create a new pawn, it will be called diamond and it will look like ruby. Similar to the ruby, only that kind of transparent that equal these photos. and maybe got more colors, like ruby pawn along with everypower.
  4. estou de volta.

  5. Power mime was added to the superhobboes, but not their pawns. We want your pawns!
  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Flamengo ♥

    1. L3OZ1N


      Dale 8-)

  8. iDan


    Hello, good morning everyone. Well, this morning a chat member was absent, and I thought about kicking him into the other room, the cave. (team) but I remembered that the power that existed was the (boot) to kick to another chat, so I thought by that power for the suggestion. just like the power (boot), instead of kicking it for another chat, it will kick to another room, just like print.
  9. arcbot, my house my life. :$

    1. oj


      no me

    2. iDan


      me yes

    3. oj


      NMMMMMMM no

  10. @cfr_tobias https://xat.me/toby190713?new He wants the photo that appears in the chat profile to appear on xat.me @Katers
  11. iDan

    Happy Birthday!

  12. iDan

    Happy Birthday!

    1. Mihai


      Thanks you (hug)

  13. iDan

    Happy Birthday

    1. SLOom


      Thank you ! 

  14. Happy Birthday!

  15. iDan

    Happy Birthday!


    1. Luig


      Musicão mané (goo)

    2. iDan


       Essa aqui mais ainda!

    3. Thuk



  17. iDan

    Crocodile power

    Cute designs, it would look more beautiful with more smilies
  18. how are you

    1. Anas


      Great, you?

    2. iDan



  19. Everything is bought in this life, even to death.

  20. iDan

    Happy Birthday!

  21. Happy Birthday!

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