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  1. Hi, how long without posting anything haha I thought about posting something that came to my mind, about April 1st ( April Fool's Day ), and also about the xat.com anniversary that happened. O'What do you think about getting a fake EP code for a day? and, also on xat.com's birthday maybe an invisible everypower, only we could see and the others could see theirs.
  2. iDan

    Happy Birthday!

  3. iDan

    Happy Birthday!

  4. someone in order to make married?

  5. Someone to marry me in xat?

  6. iDan

    Santa Hat

    Certainly, I really wanted to be able to change the color of Santa Claus's hat, I think many people also want to do that but they can't.
  7. iDan

    Toxic Graphics

    I want one like that for me too, I'm part of the arcbot. Talk to me when you can!
  8. iDan

    Double hat

    How about being able to wear two hats? I believe I would be cool, even more the "g" hat with the "x" christmas hat.
  9. Happy New Year for all.

    1. DUYGU


      Happy New Year Dan  (hug) 

  10. Merry Christmas Everyone.Jim Carrey Christmas GIF by Freeform

  11. Happy Birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. iDan

    Happy Birthday!

  15. iDan

    Santa Hat

    You mean the hat turned on its side, right? They already sent this suggestion if my memory serves me correctly, it would also be much more fun.
  16. Yes, possible maybe a power or option to hide from the user. But to hide it from everyone I think it would be more fun .. And that would bring more communication in the chats of other languages that many even want to join to communicate, more friendship, communication and users to help in official chats like, ajuda, help, ayuda.. between chats, and the user would even be happy to use this translator option without brackets.
  17. Can xat update be done in the translator menu? For example: Let it be the same when we translate the page, our message or someone else's message is translated normal, it could be done in xat too, I think it would be nicer and more beautiful, for example: it would be you or me who don't know English / spanish portuguese ... etc we would like to know how to dialogue each other's language without looking like we are using a translator! please comment what you think or think about it. with brackets translator without square brackets
  18. Olá boa tarde. Um voluntário na print fez a seguinte pergunta: "você está recebendo um número ou mensagem de erro?" tente agora explicar o que está acontecendo ao logar, qual mensagem ou número do erro, apareça no xat Ajuda para tentarmos te ajudar logo.
  19. iDan

    Santa Hat

    That would be really cool and more fun, I think, to be more personalized in our way.
  20. iDan

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Happy Carlton GIF

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