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  1. Ive been locked out of my xat account for 20+ hours because of my tickle feature. Xat ID LiamLuckily.


    I sent a ticket yesterday afternoon, I still haven't had my auth token reseted, Please fix my account.

    1. Nick




      You will have to continue to remain patient for a response. The average wait time for a ticket in that department is about 1-3 days.


      Thank you.

  2. Can a volunteer kindly just reset my auth code token? Xat id: LiamLuckily I would just like to login to xat and talk to my friends, They're expecting me online this evening to chat with them. And i can't. I've been waiting 2 hours already as it is. It woulden't take someone long to just reset it please?
  3. tickets aren't working for me as i said
  4. Hello i lost my auth code, I was testing out my new tickle for my account. I cleared my cache and bam i was locked out i was using a google app for my code as i don't have a smart phone, I deleted the app by accident on my browser, Meaning i lost the access code, Meaning i'm locked out i'm a paying customer please can an xat volunteer turn of my tickle power? I use xat every day to communicate with my friends and now i can't. I'ma subscriber with powers and im locked out. Username id: LiamLuckily. Help me please? If you need my xat email pm me on here.
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