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  1. There you go, Jake. You did have involvement lol.
  2. Where is your entry yeti?
  3. Alright I get your points that you have made several times. I apologize for making an appreciation topic. You're right I should've gone to them directly instead of publicly. We all make mistakes at the end of the day. I hope you remember that.
  4. I did not force anybody to look at this thread, now did I? I made this thread to simply give my thanks to a designer who provided a lot for the graphics community. I edited my topic by the way.
  5. It'd be really helpful if you could link me their topics and I'll appreciate them too!
  6. Do you release tons of inner templates?
  7. I'd like to thank Manu, Navith, and NiceBits for providing the community with resources on graphics. Without their contribution I would have never been able to make this background below. So let's all thank them for the hard work they put in into sharing with this community!
  8. Making forum topics will not speed up your responses. As others have said continue on waiting for one!
  9. But Kyle doesn't want this to be biased on favoritism huh?
  10. Like I said it's to show users who they can trust by xat. It's really not that hard to find trust-worthy ID sellers. If you don't trust the ID seller then don't put his/her name on the wiki article!
  11. I do see your point Tanner. But most ID sellers like me are selling them for xats. Not for real world currency. If a user thinks they can't trust me enough or other ID sellers, then they can always take screenshots of our conversations. Not to mention that they can video the conversations involving any transactions as well. This can be quite a safety measure.
  12. Since we have a re-sellers page for users who sell xats why can't we have a wiki page for official ID re-sellers? I understand that some users scam others for an ID but there are a lot of really trust-worthy users who should have their own wiki page. So that users can know to go to them instead of the wrong ID re-seller who will scam them. Don't you think?
  13. 10 digits so far. I will add more short IDs in this list in the future. I apologize for the inconvenience you might take on my topic. 5 Digits: Coming soon! 6 Digits: Coming soon! 7 Digits: Coming soon! 8 Digits: Coming soon! 9 Digits: Coming soon! 10 Digits: 1525000148 - 100 xats 1525000206 - 100 xats 1525000235 - 500 xats 1520805955 - 100 xats 1525000331 - 300 xats 1525000363 - 300 xats 1525000433 - 300 xats 1525000458 - 100 xats 1525000541 - 300 xats 1525000566 - 300 xats 1525000609 - 500 xats 1520806383 - 100 xats 1525000209 - 600 xats 1525000835 - 500 xats 1525000877 - 300 xats 152081980 - 100 xats (Has the year 1980) 152088803 - 100 xats All of the register links to these IDs are available. What are IDs? IDs are identification numbers. They are displayed next to your username on the chat. NOTE: I do not go first unless you are my friend, or someone who I can absolutely trust on xat.com. Terms and Conditions (Please read before buying an ID from me) You must save my register link immediately after purchase (store it in your sticky notes) It is your responsibility to not get your account torched I am not responsible for whatever happens to your account after you register it Do not complain to me if your xatspace is deleted by xat.com Do not complain to me if your account in general is deleted by xat.com Do not complain to me about the prices of my IDs My prices increase/decrease on my IDs for sale depending on the quantity and pattern If you want your ID to be taken off this list after it is sold you must pay me an extra 100 xats It is your responsibility to keep your account safe and secured I am not responsible (neither is xat.com) if your account is compromised You can read the xat Wiki to find out how to keep your accounts secured at xat.wiki I am not responsible for any disputes you facilitate with users such as volunteers, xat staff, or regular users on xat.com Xat.com is also not responsible for the disputes/drama you facilitate with the users as mentioned above You must maintain a good reputation on the IDs you purchase from me at all times I reserve the right to take off any ID from the list above from sale at any time without warning to you I reserve the right to decide who I get to sell my IDs to and to who I shouldn't sell them to (don't take this personally) I reserve the right to update my list with new IDs and update on old IDs as I wish No refunds! Once you purchase one of my IDs for sale it is yours to keep forever You must not re-sell my IDs after purchase without permission from me first (done at your own risk) I am not responsible if you get scammed after re-selling one of my IDs Obey the xat Terms of Service you can read it here at xat.com/terms.html Do not buy one of my IDs if you have not read my Terms and Conditions! If you want any of my IDs you can find me mostly on xat.com/Help and xat.com/Chat or private message me on here.
  14. There are many users who still make graphics. They visit promoted chat groups frequently you just have to find them. I also make graphics.
  15. Don't worry about this we all make mistakes. If your posts get disliked you should go back and proof read your post. This way in the future you'll be able to improve your posts on a thread. Getting dislikes means you have to improve yourself.
  16. I'm good at being annoying and getting on people's nerves.
  17. Theme: Summer Good luck to everyone else participating in this contest! Credits to Danish model Nina Agdal and Manu for his background template. You can find his templates in the sub-forum "Graphics" first topic: "Free Templates" by Manu.
  18. No thank you. I don't want random people knowing my Facebook. Xat is fine just the way it is. We don't need another social media site linking other social media sites.
  19. I know this is a joke but you would've been 100 years old today! All of the Titanic survivors are also deceased unfortunately which would be impossible to be a survivor. But I still like your joke Mihay.
  20. The thing is how is anybody going to know who's from xat on Facebook when they post to the page? Unless they already know the persons name which means they know each others name. But still...
  21. They can always make a fake Facebook page with their alias to use on the xat Facebook page.
  22. Macho

    2017 powers

    I think my Snacks power suggestion will be better. Don't you think?
  23. We already have tons of blogs on xat dedicated to the announcements about new powers and such. Last thing we need is to be on it on the xat Facebook as well... Just saying.
  24. I don't like this suggestion sorry. Yes we have protect mode and this suggestion defeats that mode.
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