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  1. In matter of fact, I do. I don't care about departments being delayed. All i care about is my issue being solved. I done waited 2 month. They should atleast solve my issue for me and i expect them to show some priority to paid users. 24 days is the time i havn't gotten a reply on i have been waiting much longer. So please stay off my post. I said i am waiting for a volunteer reply. Thanks.
  2. I wasn't really looking for a routiney reply. I'm trying to get a volunteer response but thank you so much.
  3. Volunteers. When am i going to get a reply on my ticket? Been 24 days and no reply.. Opened it at the 9th of december.. This gotten so ridiculous though. @Admin You should do something about the delayment of tickets.
  4. My ticket has been un-replied to for 24 days so far?? opened it at the 9th of december.. can u help me with it? thanks.

    1. Exuby


      Stop pestering volunteers and wait for an answer.

    2. CuddlePookRay


      Tanner, Why don't you stay of my freaking page and posts to other people's page before i really get rude to you? Mind your own business child.

  5. Exactly. Thanks for heads up. Thanks for the replys guys.. 21 days so far and no reply! Still COUNTING!
  6. Hey, What do you think of what is going on Elie? You were a volunteer that was going to help me actualy but sadly you didn't have access to it.. But anyway i really wanna know your opinion.
  7. This girl* First. And i have every right to complain about the ticket system. I paid for the services and i think i deserve a good one. So please you are not a moderator nor a volunteer. So stop asking people to ignore or not responding. That would be nice. Thanks for the positive vibs! THAT NOW IS SOOO CREATIVE! YOU SHOULD EMAIL THE OWNER. Exactly, I'm pretty sure that alot of people have left because of it. I was about to leave myself because i was too frustrated.. And it is never too late to make changes. Respects to you.
  8. Right. Hopefully some changes will be made. Well maverick, I do understand that you tried to help me and i really appericate it big time and you know that very well. but 20 days so far and no response. That's one and i really know that volunteers are not making it their real time job, but why not? my whole idea was pay volunteers to do their job in xats. a couple hours a day should make them a decent amount of money. That's what i was trying to say, and i do understand the whole queue thing but i just think 20 days so far is not fair at all. But thanks for the response.
  9. Muffins ,Maverick, Rida, Guinho, Elie, Mike ,Cupim. They have all tried to help me. And i really appericate it. I will view it later because i have to go. Happy holidays everyone.
  10. Mhm. RESPECTS. Also, I'm not against volunteers or how their routine is. I actualy have alot of respect for all of them, Alot have tried to help. I'm mostly against what is going on in the system itself. Owner should do something about it to fix it all i'm saying.
  11. Well. It is not about respect over here honestly. It is about how to make a business grows. You don't have to respect anyone to get help in a site you done paid on. And i was pretty respectful to volunteers. To all of them. Even the ones who replied to me rudely before. Your opinion, RESPECTED.
  12. Dan Dare (1140000) , Done suggested that it should be seperated from volunteers. He suggested that xat should trust more users and get more people to reply to the tickets. That's not a bad one aswell. Well sweetheart, I can have an attitude about it honestly. I paid over here, I know they don't own me anything but i deserve some help. I'm so respectful aswell to the respesctable people who do reply in a good way. Angelo done pointed out that i had no life ( that's one ) and he was rude in so many ways. And i was just explaining to him my situation. And i do reserve some professional customer service because i paid over here. I think any user who paid in the site should get professional customer service. Happy holidays.
  13. Angelo, i came back november the first to the site. Talked to alot of people about my email issue, even talked to a volunteer about it. Never got any help. After 4 weeks. Guinho and maverick suggested to open a ticket. I opened it 8th of december. Received a reply on it. Done replied to it. Ever since till now. 18 days so far. Got no reply on it. How long is that? Count how many weeks i been waiting to get some help. I don't think you understand the frustrating. Excuse me. I do take care of my life. Didn't want an advice from a kid ( Apologises ). I have kids. I care about holidays. That was wayyy before the holidays. I spent money on xat, I love to keep up with my investments, Is that something that annoys you? I think alot of things can be changed. Such as your way of thinking so (Stoneaged) I don't need a deep breath, I know where i'm standing actualy. I do enjoy life aswell sweetheart. Patience run out of the person, Trust me it does. Well, Has anyone done anything about the issue? NO! that's why you keep repeating it so they might aswell see that the people are tired of it. Well i don't need you to agree with me honestly. I know i'm right. Done what you said. Have a good day, Happy holidays. Bye. Finna. I do understand what you are saying, I been told that numerous times. And i do believe making threads about it might solve the issue. What is forum used for in the first place? I think of it as a way of communcation with the owner of the place, So he might look at it if i'm lucky.
  14. Excuse me? Where are we supposed to be to open such issues? It is a suggestion to improve the xat system and ticket system. It should be here most definitely. I did point that out many times, They are human beings and i already did suggest something to solve that. Patience Patience Patience and Patience is all i been hearing, don't you guys lose patience after waiting 17 days? I just literally been back since november and can't even login anymore.
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