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  1. hello volunteer I just want to know..i in LOST AUTH code prob..and already open ticket too (still waiting respone after a week no respone) If in my prob lost auth code token..is it can be reset auth or what? can I get my acct login back? can this prob lost auth will settle soon?? and,1 more thing..in my prob,is it my all power at my id acct can lose or missing?? I hope my prob can be settle as soon as posibble..I need my acct login back
  2. Hello Volunteer.. Im still in Auth Lost n still waiting my respone ticket..soo sad Now im still have a day n xat for my id acct..and i want buy days/xat from 'gets xat' but i cant I must login 1st..i cant do that bcoz im still in Auth Lost prob.. So,any solution for me how can i buy days for my id acct?? my id : NiaEiryn93 (302523823) Please help me
  3. Hello..somebody pls help me.. 1sttime i use token 6 digit for 30days..after 30days when i want to login i cant..i must put token 6 digit for login..but i dont know when i can get the token 6 digit again :( im try try n try but still cannot..soo sad..plss help me :(
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