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  1. This is really a good idea. There are good smiley animations that could be combined without moving it.

    But it will be a bit complicated to do at the moment of selecting where exactly each smiley stops, but it will work well.


    Thanks for suggesting this!

  2. Feedback Chat: I agree that there is a place where ideas can be discussed before being a suggestion and have an opinion or quick response.


    But by discussing live chat the history will be deleted and other people will not be able to see the suggestion to also make an opinion, the only way to see it is that the chat logs are open to the public and only keep these discussions.


    I think it would be excellent to make an entry explaining specifically how this would work, I would clarify many doubts. Good luck with the project, I hope this works.

  3. Hola lamento mucho tu disgusto con xat, pero lamentablemente este es un lugar para solicitar soporte en español no para insultar o hacer algún tipo de queja.


    El problema que tu presentas es debido a haber realizado una compra con PayPal Holdings, Inc. Al hacer ese tipo de compra tu cuenta entra en el estado de '' Reserva '' para asegurar que no ocurra algún tipo de problema/rembolso  del pago (el cual seguramente ocurrio) y ahora se te solicita hacer un pago nuevamente.


    Tu solo debes de asegurarte de seguir correctamente los pasos que el Voluntario amablemente te ha indicado.



  4. I think the right thing should not be to create a power to see the xats / days of a suario, the correct thing would be to publish that without the power (show). And yet, as Nathan mentioned this would be a invasion of the user's privacy.

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  5. 14 minutes ago, keep said:

    Usually, when people spend a long time without getting into the xat, they lose a position they had previously conquered ...

    It really is not like that unless they have been degraded. I remember that before a bot server gave this kind of information that in my opinion is useful for some people, but it stopped working and it would be good if xat implemented it, good suggestion Leandro!

  6. To not share your password you can only share the link, also if you are the original creator of the chat you can reset the password from the associated email.

    I am not wrong to say that something similar to this was suggested in the past.


    Thanks for the suggestion!

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