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  1. Good work to the creator, I had thought that the mouse was the rabbit .
  2. Profile updateūüöÄ.

  3. Happy Birthday to you @L3OZ1N! ptyNovedadesXat.png

  4. Havana, ooh na-naūüíÉ.

    1. Bau


      Can i like your status?! 


    2. ANGY


      I do not know, creepy (swt) .

    3. Bau
  5. Usted solo debe enviarle un mensaje a alg√ļn Voluntario como le indique, el se encargara de abrir un ticket para usted. Tenga en cuenta que si usted tiene un ticket abierto, no podr√° abrir otro.
  6. Debe de ponerse en contacto con un Voluntario de xat enviando un mensaje privado acá en el foro: https://forum.xat.com/staff/ El mensaje debe de estar en ingles, solicitando abrir un ticket y la razón. Enlaces Útiles.
  7. ANGY

    Macros manager

    I think that if xat heed all our good ideas, we have many buttons without knowing where to put them. This should definitely be in HTML5. Thanks for suggesting this.
  8. I'm listening to offers, I need to sell it.
  9. It is not the things that must be changed, it is us.

  10. What do you think, give your opinion.


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    2. ANGY


      Thanks @Gambler, is Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.

    3. DonQuijote


      Looking good, but my opinion always put letter a little in the right side like that better see when people write on main.

    4. ANGY


      You're right, I wanted to do something different, thanks for the constructive response! 

  11. ANGY


    The download links have stopped working .
  12. I love Ayuda, it was the first official chat I met!
  13. First Monday of the year! I wish you a happy new yearGetStrip5.php?c=S_nysm_50_50_c.png.

    1. Bbb


      Thanks Angy, I wish you the same.

      God bless you.

    2. ANGY
  14. My suggestion is to add a new command to the Gamebot !rounds. This command allows you to place the game rounds [1/1000] so that the bot changes to another game or leaves the room. In this way users can enjoy different games without having to change it or be aware that the prize is not over, I think this would be useful.
  15. ANGY


    The winner is: @Aredhel Aredhel (999985466) ¬°CONGRATULATIONS! Contact us at xat.com/Ayuda or xat.com/Concurso to claim your prize.
  16. It's a good idea then, but I think it would take a long time to adapt to it .
  17. ANGY


    Time is up, announce the winner in a few minutes.
  18. HEY!, Remember there is still 1 day to participate.
  19. Hi Kumii, I loved the background for xat Troca! I think the colors you chose match perfectly and it's a totally clean job.
  20. ANGY

    Crow I choose you!250px-198Murkrow.pngGetStrip5.php?c=S_beat_50_50_c.png

    1. Crow


      *uses Brave Bird*

  21. I'm still trying to understand this thread. Do you want to allow to give moderator more than 24 hours?
  22. ANGY


    Hi @Kvra, the idea seems interesting to me to place the signs of the zodiac in that way, although they would look a lot and some would consider it as a '' junk power '' and that would not be good for xat. What I liked was the animation, because it is original and the other power does not have it. You could think of new things that really need to do a second power!
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