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  1. @Blacky Apparently if it works fine, try in private mode
  2. Great, now the people of the Spanish Speaking community could use it too, thanks you✨
  3. Hello, many users have approached help chatting about a problem with the ticket system Here are the catches: Users comment that they have logged in several times, even deleted cookies and this is not solved.
  4. ANGY

    omg, happy birthday Anar! 

    1. Anar


      Thank you!

  5. Just like fast food some week fines, then fattening
  6. Well, in my case I was looking on the internet for things about a game called habbo and I contre with a page that included a chat I think that by then the chat was CHCOM that was in 2008-2009
  7. I really like the idea, because it would be great to do that. But we all have different way of thinking and I think that xat is having very drastic changes as was the ruby, I like the idea but not so soon. Positive support!
  8. If this really works you will be the master lol!
  9. ANGY

    Sevda bae♥

    1. Sevda


      Angy my sweetie ♥

  10. Where you got this gif lmao, Congratulations Brandon!
  11. A trebol already exists for the day of St Padrick. The only difference is that it shines, the other does not
  12. ANGY

    hair power

    I think with hats doing this right now, it might be limited pawns maybe
  13. Congratulations @XeR Hopefully do it well!
  14. @Chelly and @Juni Interview already publishe @xatlibre

  15. Even the tutorial of the wiki is not available in any other language, only Spanish for the moments no?
  16. My island would be called, Caramel Paradise! Everything would be sweet.
  17. I like this form of green arrow read!
  18. If I think that should be a better feature, so we could deactivate it as in some that gives you the option
  19. Yes, also think about setting the time the message was sent
  20. The power/characteristic is something basic, very useful, it would be used to know if the message was read by the person to whom we sent it in private and ensure that communication continues. Design a brief example: This suggestion I do because sometimes we are left with the intrigue if the person received the message or read it, since sometimes we are in another chat and we send messages and we do not know if it reaches its destination. If they like the idea, could give another suggestion for this new power!
  21. ANGY


    @Agony Thanks for clarifying my suggestion, supporting this proposal has very good potential, which I think is a big thing, it would be great if that was the main smiley but not all be in a glass
  22. Yes, I usually do not use the application because I see it with a very complex interface and something antiquated for acuteness (Android), should improve that too
  23. ANGY

    430 RUBY

    Today I was testing the colors of the wiki, the order is wrong
  24. ANGY

    430 RUBY

    I have seen a problem with the new colors, when the users write it looks the same green color in the peon. Hat then the only thing that changes color?
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