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  1. Chocozuela, the heart and liver .
  2. Thanks for allowing me to participate and make me have fun, I want to confirm the delivery of my prize. http://prntscr.com/g3ig4s
  3. (uthink#pback#cc99ff#saconfused#-2#330033#sparkler#ycc99ffq03f2f2f2#cfreeze#y#330033)
  4. I'm from Chile and study and live in Venezuelan. But I will go back to Chile
  5. I think everyone who participated in this contest saw much Art Attack on Disney Channel .
  6. Suecia ? Hahaha! Suecia ? Hahaha!
  7. I speak English, Spanish, Portugues, a bit Neerlandes and a bit Italiano.
  8. ANGY


    Hahaha, I doubt this club will be boring with @Zedsinho here lol .
  9. ANGY


    My favorite romanian .
  10. I'm Daenerys Targaryen.

    1. ANGY


      I know, he actually has white hair.

      Daenerys Targaryen modern.

    2. Nezuko
    3. ANGY


      Lol fail! (toj) 

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  11. ANGY


    Hi guys, my name is ANGY. I joined @xat in 2009 and got my first registration in 2010. I am main with Fiona of http://xat.com/mundosmilies .
  12. ANGY

    supreme owner

    In addition to what Crow said, there is an option to place co-owners although that does not have much logic because it does not have a peon to represent it.
  13. Hmm, I have some fonts that I really like to use and you can download them from the internet for free:
  14. Mundosmilies is a plague, it is everywhere (toj) .

  15. You already ate? :( .

  16. ANGY

    Troll power

    I'm sorry to be honest, but I do not really like the idea, maybe creating our own faces '' trolls '' would be the right thing to do.
  17. ANGY

    Follow pages issue

    To me if you notify me, although when someone comments or something does not let me click to address the content.
  18. I think this would be good, the current faces we also have in xat...
  19. I do not think that this is necessary even in the event that somebody leaves, they will decide who will be elected.
  20. @Zed When you want to be like danilo:


    1. zed


      (toj)  hi angy shinha timi zinho 

    2. ANGY


      Hahaha, crazy (toj) .

  21. Maybe the application has not stored some forums.
  22. I believe that ''Tapatalk allows the user to have a unified interface to access multiple forums at the same time.'' You can access our forum and others at the same time.
  23. @Queen_Sofia This is the list .
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