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  1. Cual es tu problema? Como solucionarlo? Deberas enviar un ticket en este help topic: Account Block. En subject, pondrás la siguiente opción si obtienes el E26 al hacer transfer/trade: 1. I’m unable to transfer/trade getting E26 En message vas a expandir tu problema: 2. Hi, I’m having a problem. Whenever I try to trade/transfer I’m getting the error “E26”. Can you help me with this? Thanks. Ejemplo xat.com/ticket: Recuerde informar si usted pudo abrir el boleto.
  2. ANGY

    Shortname Page

    Maybe soon xat will start working with the mobile application, but we are currently focused on HTML5.
  3. Chats tic tac toc. . :p

  4. @LaFleur Maybe this should be added to the thread of things to be done. All the answers were positive!
  5. Hey! I do not think anyone would pay 200 xats to see who visited your xatspace. Besides this as well as it has advantages for some users, it has a disadvantage for others.
  6. How sad it is to see this message(wailing)(wary)!


  7. ANGY

    I'll be waiting for my invitation for the party at night, so happy birthday🤣.

  8. Remember that xat can get involved in Copyright issues. The ideas you publish must be 100% of your authorship, they can not be ideas of a character, etc., since they contain copyright and therefore can not be used in xat.
  9. ANGY


    Yes! Some people consider that the last powers to be Kawaii are feminine, maybe it's a masculine moment. This idea if I like it.
  10. ANGY


    Hi @Samuel! The idea is not bad, but xat does not need this, some other functions / powers allow you to leave a message. Away: Let other users know that you are away from the chatroom. Status: The status power allows you to show a status message under your name on the user list. Pcback: PCBack Allows you to set a custom background that users will see when they private chat you. It could also bring conflict as indicated by @Nixs.
  11. ANGY


    I think some of these faces would be very similar to power Meow. http://xat.wiki/meow
  12. ANGY

    Happy birthday Ronal, I hope you get to celebrate your birthday in xat(sry) :p.

    1. Ronal


      Muchas gracias angy ♥ 

    2. Math


      Happy birthday (hug)

  13. ANGY

    Happy birthday to the best player! (toj)

    1. Bbb


      Thank you!

  14. I just noticed that the Chat Bot is Ocean :o !

  15. They really are identical!
  16. I love dogs, they are your best friend and they love you very much. The cats only sleep
  17. ''Viewing Forums Index''

  18. Thank you for suggesting this type of events @Ronal. I hope many people come to have fun and win xats with this new dynamic .
  19. The winner is: @Shizuo Shizuo (847986292) ¡CONGRATULATIONS! Contact us at xat.com/Ayuda or xat.com/Concurso to claim your prize.
  20. @Kriz You have already commented on this publication .
  21. ANGY

    | Poseidon |

    Thank you very much, I hope other people give their opinion and new suggestions !
  22. ANGY

    | Poseidon |

    Hi @Only! I like the idea, but maybe I should create the power called Mythology and add things like a: centaur, dragon, jellyfish, titan, etc. What do you think about this? Maybe it would be more interesting.
  23. There are only a few hours left until a winner is chosen, participate.
  24. Hi guys, I have a new power this week SQANIMAL powers to be delivered in a random way to the users of the forum. Just enter your name and registration number in this entry and you will be participating. Do not use other accounts to try to increase chances of winning or will be disqualified. If you do not claim the prize in 24 hours, someone else will choose. Deadline to post: 07/01/2018 | Countdown: here ! Good luck to everyone who participates, may luck be with you .
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