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    2. ANGY


      I know, but it worries me a little.

    3. xLaming


      Ticket is already up

    4. Samuel


      It will be solved. First ends xat before Wiki (wary)

  1. I really like the idea, which has many levels or scenarios according to the difficulty, It could be complicated by that. The truth is that besides xat is a social network based on chat, we need more simple games to make this more fun and entertaining. I think this is an idea that can be added to the list of @LaFleur .
  2. 2 + 2 = ? 🧠

  3. Hey @Skatel! I think it's something that this power needs, I do not know why it did not have one. It could be as you suggested similar to Yellowcard or it could also appear an illuminated badge glowing with the nickname of the assigned user .
  4. Resti sempre irraggiungibile.

  5. Che c'hai sempre qualcosa da insegnare. .

  6. Nathan is hosting games / prize in @Game now!

  7. La Musica Non C'è🎶🎵.

    1. ANGY


      Nice song ! :o 

  8. Unfortunate situation. .


  9. I do not have any good friends, I'm in the friendzone .
  10. ANGY

    Souls Power

    Heey! I loved the idea, especially the examples that you placed and I imagine people buying power, although it reminds me of power It would be good to hear the opinion of others or more ideas to add.
  11. Hey @Bau! Admin should listen to everyone's suggestions, if most of the community agrees with a suggestion I do not see the problem. Also, I think this should have been added some time ago, many people go to Help Chat's having problems with their bots and we helpers must pass the link in the room, they do not know what it is. @Samuel Thanks for suggesting this ! (:
  12. ANGY


    Hey! good but, I think the issue of religion is a bit complicated, so I do not know if I support this . Remember that each power idea you suggest must have a minimum of 9 smileys. (If such power is of type fx or function, it can have less).
  13. The contests of Valentine's Day are approaching💘👫.

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    2. ANGY


      They should put the reaction of lovers to the forum!valentine.png

  14. ANGY

    In good time, congratulations Sydno!🚀

  15. Here I am publishing some of my designs eventually, I hope everyone likes it.
  16. Hey @Encrypt! I do not know, I think that everyone decides the price of what they have ID/Name/Powers. What happens if xat puts the 10k price on an ID that you bought in 50k before? Who will handle these prices?
  17. Hey @Kayzar! I like it. In this way everyone can have free control of the power and edit it as they wish, not just randomly. Could do this reality please?
  18. Hi @Airtime! You can use images that give an idea of what you are suggesting so it will be easier to understand. Although from what I understood, this would be the same current function, only that they would be divided into categories and I do not think it is necessary.
  19. ANGY


    Hi @Only, before I had made this suggestion. You can also adapt the hug you suggested to mine.
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