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    What do not you understand?.
  2. Followed by: Show the users that you follow and that also follow a user, this is an example taken from @Samuel profile. Clubs in common: Add a place in the profile of the user where they say the clubs they have in common, this is an example taken from @Blacky profile. Follow also: Add the button to follow also this member, so you will know that he follows you, this is an example taken from @Mihay profile. - They can give more ideas to improve the forum!
  3. We have Minimon's is a power very similar to the one you are suggesting. Perhaps if you put more or other examples I could help with some ideas. You could start by not putting the same faces as always .
  4. Sus actitudes justifican la mía:).

  5. Hola @solmar ! Si usted no tiene acceso a su cuenta por la perdida de el código del Authenticator lamentablemente no podra enviar un ticket. Actualmente esta no es posible enviar uno con modo incógnito / correo / sin registro. Por lo cual los pasos a seguir son los siguientes: Debe de contactarse con un Voluntario de xat, puede hacerlo acá: https://forum.xat.com/staff/ De click en ''Message'', en el mensaje como titulo colocara ''I need you to open a ticket for me, Lost Auth'' o ''I can’t generate my access token''. En el mensaje a desplegar colocara ''I currently do not have access to my account for Lost Auth, I need you to open a ticket for me''. Recuerde incluir su Nombre y Numero de identificación en el mensaje. Usted no necesitara ser usuario de pago para hacer esto, los Voluntarios atenderán su caso y le responderán en cuanto puedan.
  6. How do I stay ?, now I just need the power pcback (:


  7. Honestly I am also a bit, but nobody gives another kind of suggestion.
  8. Good job Santy, I hope this is adapted to xat soon and also that you get Naughtystep as a way of thanks . You're doing an incredible job, keep it up!
  9. Io odio fallire a qualcuno. .

  10. You're right, this action is more impressive and would be something original.
  11. ANGY


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      Reporting this!

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      Or you can enjoy procrastinating with us 

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      Okay, fair enough! 

  12. ANGY


    Different actions could be added to the Mammoth, such as in the gym.
  13. Hey! I think this would be good to react to those that are interesting or impactful. This could have the value of a like same as the others, it would be good to have the opinion of other people! What do you say @Crow?
  14. ANGY


    Hi, I think this would be very similar to coffee because of the examples given. I think the only difference is the teapot.
  15. Happy Birthday! 🎀

  16. Hey guys, I have an ide for carnival smilies. Everyone knows that it is a tradition to wear carnival masks, but we already have a power with some masks for different occasions. It would be a good idea to be able to put animal masks on our smilies, here are some examples: I think you could put some feathers to each mask to make them more fun, examples: Remember that these images are not of my authorship. These are just examples!
  17. I think that in addition to me and Kayzar several were waiting for this sample. It has been amazing, I hope this becomes reality!
  18. Cupid can make them answer my ticket? :)

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      Who´s cupid :$ 

    2. xLaming
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      Odious :( !



    1. ANGY


      You can't :d 

  20. ANGY

    Happy Birthday! 🎉💌.

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      Thank you! 🌹

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      Just congratulate you so you can save me cake, ily:( .

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      or i wish i have at least a cake darling, ily2 (hug)

  21. ANGY


    It is an FX power I do not understand because it has so many smilies and no effects. We already have diamond smilies. https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php/Diamond . .
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