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  1. This is an incredible idea for World Nature Day. You could add: Watermelon radish: Mangosteen:
  2. I find every effect of this new power pleasing, neon lights draw attention. Triangle tumblr !
  3. ANGY

    Shark Power

    You have been amazing Santy! Could you make other examples?
  4. ANGY


    The winner has already been chosen, the contest has expired.
  5. In time to be released 500 units of the new power Nuts were released 500 units of Heartbreak. This caused a discontent, bug?
  6. Officially they broke our hearts in xat by releasing Heartbreak and not Nuts.

    1. Birdie2



      Ha, ha, ha.


    2. ANGY


      Very unfortunate :( .

  7. El foro no es lugar para esto, usted sera atendido, pero debe de esperar al igual que todos. Lamentamos las molestias causadas.
  8. The idea is simple, allow us to set a status of first in our profile. This is very similar to Twitter/Facebook. Why ?, This way you will not have to look at the previously uploaded status. Example:
  9. ANGY

    483 NUTS

    Gentlemen, you must have added this!
  10. This idea had been suggested before, thanks for remembering it!
  11. The doodle contest has ended, the winners based on passion, creativity and quality are: @Melody - Flaghug + Sqanimal + 5 days Thank you all for participating and sharing your valentines with us in xat! You must claim your prize by contacting me in xatCONCURSO ♥
  12. ¡OK! No me puedo olvidar de ti, feliz día Negruzco 🐺🖤

    1. Blacky


      ¡Gracias Angy! ¡Igualmente para ti! (hug)


  13. ANGY

    Thank you for being an unconditional friend and teaching me so much 👭🌹.


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    2. Bau
    3. Miral


      angy and sevda xoxo


    4. Sevda


      Aww, no need to thank me it's my pleasure honey, you're such an awesome friend 😘♡  

      Hahaha, chu chu ily2 😋 

      Mirim, canimmmm seni cok seviyorum ♡ 

  14. ANGY


    Who will hold the prize? ANGY (10346) !
  15. Remember that they have the opportunity to participate until tomorrow, good luck.
  16. Sí, lo se, aun no es 14 de Febrero pero no quiero esperar para agradecerte por ser quien eres, por tu forma de amar a las personas, tu manera de reírte por cosas tontas, que siempre estas allí para quien te necesita incluyéndome, por que has sabido aconsejarme y ser un hombro para mi en los peores momentos, se que no somos los mejores amigos, que no hablamos 24/7 al día, pero tu fuiste la primera persona en xat a la que no tuve que ocultarle nada por miedo a que me vayan a dañar, pude ser yo. . Gracias por ser mi amigo Kayzar



  17. 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 💕 Hi guys, we are in the month of love. . So let's do some events to have fun with our friends and / or partner in xat. 📢 We will leave here the information of each event with an countdown so you know when they start: 💝Date Time Game Host Prize February 10 Here Gamebot Angy 600 xats February 11 Here Gamebot David 600 xats February 12 Here Questions about Valentine's Day Ahmed 600 xats February 14 Here Randomuser-randomnumber Bot 30 days February 14 Here The funniest love statement or dating will win. Ahmed 400 xats 😍 Additional: Doodle Contest | Prize: (SQANIMAL) + (FLAGHUG) + 5 day. From today they should draw a power of xat related to love in Doodle. It has to be drawn in chat Concurso and take the capture. They must include their Name / ID in the drawing. They must publish the capture below this thread, the winner will be announced the same February 14 in the room and published here... Time: Here 💌REMEMBER THAT THE PRIZES CAN CHANGE, ACCORDING TO THE DONATIONS THAT ARE MADE💌
  18. ANGY

    Add to the Forum

    This is an example of what I mean, it will tell you the users that you are following and who follow this user, you can still see all the people who follow it when they click on their followers: If maybe...
  19. ANGY

    Add to the Forum

    We are both in the same group.
  20. ANGY

    Add to the Forum

    Come on, look at the examples, it simply allows you to see who follows you and not you, also allows you to see the Club in common with someone and also allows see the people that you follow who follow someone else. . Look at the examples and then look at the profiles!
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