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  1. Thanks for adding the screenshots of this update @Dimple
  2. Can not create a chat room?

  3. I like the current motivation of xat Asisstance:$.

  4. ANGY

    Groups security

    Leaving the image servers aside: http://www.color-hex.com/
  5. Exactly, there will not be time to do this as @CarlosDesigns mentioned. We also have the power Work, you just have to add a wig.
  6. And then God made me smile.

  7. @DonQuijote Haha, at least you understood what I was referring to with interesting!
  8. It would be nice to have facebook again on the main page and in the menu(wary)



    1. LaFleur


      It's never been there, but it's planned to.

    2. ANGY


      Sure?, then I'm a bit confused with the forum(sry).

  9. I agree with Solange, this could be done, every time the ideas become more interesting. But I think the name of the power should be a WBOTTLE and make a different bottle for each smile.
  10. I just updated this xat.me/angy  .

  11. Hola @ASISTENCIA ! Realmente no soy un Voluntario de xat, pero cuento con el conocimiento para responder a esta pregunta. El problema en el sistema (55) se aplica cuando usted obtuvo xats/days en circunstancias sospechosas. A esto me refiero a algo que fue robado o que tiene una investigación en curso, por lo cual su cuenta ha sido bloqueada. Se extremadamente cuidadoso al comprar xats / days a terceros o revendedores no oficiales de xat. Usted debe de explicar como obtuvo y por que los xats / days en un ticket bajo el departamento de "Account Block" de esta manera se resolverá tu problema. Por favor ten en cuenta: NO hay garantía de que seas reembolsado.
  12. Now we can become magnates of the Human Internal Organs in xat, but you must have a good brain to get it! You must first get this power. Smilies Horgans | Brain-shaped smiley waving Hoheart | Heart-shaped smiley in love Holungs | Lungs-shaped smiley sicking Hobladder | Bladder-shaped smiley bursting Hointestine | Intestine-shaped smiley birthday Hopancreas | Pancreas-shaped crying in solitude Holiver | Liver-shaped smiley screaming and vibrating Hostomach | Stomach-shaped smiley fitness running Hats Brain Example
  13. I do not think it's necessary to change the color, maybe adding Bold to the Advanced Members would be enough and the most appropriate.
  14. It has had a very good impression now that it was released for users.
  15. Hi guys, then you can see images for your xatspace totally free of use. Remember that to apply them you must use a css code, generate it here: http://fexbots.com/tools/xatspacegenerator These images were donated by: iiLuiisArt (252663829) for the blog ayudaxat.com !
  16. ANGY


    I'm not sure about this, it sounds like a good idea. But many countries that should be added, then some will be excluded.
  17. A few days ago I needed to repair a broken pants that I liked a lot, my mother suddenly pulled out a box with yarn and aguajas, she I repair my pants and I came up with the idea of doing this amazing and kawaii power! Smilies Ksewing | Smiley elderly woman sewing Ksmachine | Smiley Sewing Machine Ksthimble | Smiley Timble Ksneedles Pillow | Smiley Sewing Machine Ksyarn | Smiley square yarn Ksyarn2 | Smiley heart shaped Ksmtape | Smiley measuring tape Ksmanikin | Manikin Ksbuttons Hats Yarn1 Thimble Example: Note: I think some smileys should have back.
  18. Happy birthday Mighty! 🎉🎁

  19. I am very impressed with the design of Help, it is an incredible work.
  20. @Erick You could try to suggest some others that are rare or hard to get fruits like Brandon said.
  21. @Mihay Would it be possible to add the colors of the flag to illusion9 please?
  22. Like Dann, I think it's a hat that should not stay long. I love the hat, but I think you would lose interest in limited powers and many people would stop liking the trade of these, which would be serious for xat ltd. - Thanks for suggesting this.
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