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  1. Stela I liked your idea, although it is funny thing the lady teaches of a goose
  2. ANGY

    Yes or No

    No! Like you fast and furious?
  3. 55 155 255 (1331331) Thanks u, sorry.
  4. Then, if it is authorized there would be a code for that!
  5. What is the code to insert a web page in your chat ?, it is clear that the web has to be authorized by xat and can be used in the second menu
  6. Mother's day is approaching, I suppose xat should prepare some powers with this subject as usual, but have forgotten a bit of kiss. It has been a long time that xat does not create kisses so that users can send in the room, now they have focused on hugs. My idea of a kiss, is the image of a woman carrying a baby while she cries and then she gets happy, if she has any suggestions about this kiss about some possible power should do it. Our mothers gave us life, we must thank!
  7. Currently I believe that facebook is being well managed, for those who do not know this past week have been doing contests / events that are attracting the attention of community users, good work guys!
  8. ANGY

    April Fools Ideas

    (jesterfools) = This idea consists of the face of a button with the crazy face, something funny and Kawaii.
  9. ANGY

    Yes or No

    Yes, with salt. Have you skated on ice?
  10. Today cloudy overcast. enter the forum of the community for a glimpse. I found a contest in which I wanted to participate. but my good luck I know that it will arrive on the day Saint Patrick is coming And a goblin will take me to the end of the rainbow ¡So this contest I'm going to win!
  11. The winner is me, go to sleep🎉
  12. Happy birthday to you, ha-ppy bir-thday t-o yo-u!! gts♥

    1. Guinho


      Thank you (hug)

  13. The game consists in knowing who is superior in quantities ¿Are we the majority of men or women in the forum? ¡WOMEN TO POWER!
  14. @Blacky Apparently if it works fine, try in private mode
  15. Great, now the people of the Spanish Speaking community could use it too, thanks you✨
  16. Hello, many users have approached help chatting about a problem with the ticket system Here are the catches: Users comment that they have logged in several times, even deleted cookies and this is not solved.
  17. ANGY

    omg, happy birthday Anar! 

    1. Anar


      Thank you!

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