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  1. ANGY

    My first template.

    Yes, although they are not the same they are practically made guiding of one of your templates: Free Templates
  2. ANGY

    My first template.

    Hey Keiner, not sadly retired from the community
  3. Hello, I hope you like this new template that I have done, the truth was already made a template almost identical to this by CKoni so I decided to give the rights to her since her template was never published. • Download •
  4. If it is very similar to the powers of the previous land, but this is something more fun at least its main face, Although I hope to add different things that attract attention and represent nature: Maybe a flag would not be bad too ^^ @Sydno Enight apparently the image is not working on the wiki
  5. Maybe activating the previous pawns of Earth Day would not be bad, this great power but you need more smilies: Mother earth day
  6. It is certainly what you need, on the other hand I can not demand that all this be attended to immediately. No doubt the suggestions that have been given insurance will take into account they noticed the concern of many!
  7. You're wrong. The administration is the main one to worry about what happens in xat.com if the users want a change or not since the income can be said that it is for him. If most users think it's time for a change the adminsitracion should accept this, but many disagree, xat has been having small changes lately that maybe they have not noticed and those small changes are "drastic" Now, we do need some more changes, regarding what he said @Sloom I think it's a great idea to add more volunteers especially in Spanish since 70% of the users that enter xat are from the Spanish speaking
  8. I really liked the bear especially, I would like to have the first Rhea template really is very good
  9. Hola asegurate de seleccionar el Help Topic Account block y de llenar el campo Subject con cinco o más palabras. Verifica que el nombre de usuario/contraseña sean bien colocados. Ingresa en el modo incognito de tu navegador.
  10. This idea is one of the best if I may say, this would really attract many people to xat.com would have better reception and we would gain the integration of new users who are still unaware of the community xat ltd. Also as @Dann said, not only would we help ourselves we would also help to have a dynamic and simple chat to people who can not put their chat on a web page because it is very big!
  11. I do not like this idea, xat is a model of communication so that an emitter can send a message to a receiver and this has reciprocity so this button is not necessary
  12. @LaFleur The idea of the whale would also be good for a kiss or a hug
  13. They are nice idea, animals and nature are the living image of the earth or at least when we name them we think of them, I like the ideas provided by @Fiona and @Icky
  14. True, but few animals are missing to get out, there will come the real challenge for the smiley makers
  15. Hello, the international Mother Earth day is coming to celebrate, I thought that the next power was a mammalian animal that is not among the current powers and is the Platypus! I think it would be something normal, I would have about 8 smileys, 1 or 2 hats and 1 hug of two platypus in love kissing in the nature at sunset. I would like on my part to give it a Kwaii finish as the Ribunny! What do you think? It's a good idea?
  16. I like the idea, many want something that can be played with other people in real time, a new game. But this is something complicated. I also think the same as @Madison the game where it would play ?, for that would have to open a new window, the chat screen does not fit
  17. Oh, that's a good idea maybe as there are not many pictures do not understand how it works
  18. ANGY

    Free Templates

    @Manu Thanks for sharing the template, I think I had seen it when we were friends and I liked the idea hehe, I will definitely download it.
  19. This is a service that has a function in specific, should not be multifunction, I think you should develop a little more than what you want to get with this apparently you do not have it very clear, lucky!
  20. ANGY


    I thought a good idea, but this idea has to be well developed, and it will bring many problems. First of all it would be the echo to add sound to the notification but for that I think that this echo the power bump to warn someone, be annoying that mention any person and your screen will sound. Secondly, I think the mention just to notify would not serve. In my opinion instead of mentioning should be added a quote of what a person said in the talk of the talk in which as in Whatsapp. Thirdly, I think it is a duty to be a group power as it has been said so tha
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