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  1. ANGY


    It is well that this face comes out, but I think the idea is good although it is not well developed to expose it, in that case you have to take into account that we can not choose the prices ourselves.
  2. I need my bff.

    1. Bau


      who is your bff (cute) 

    2. Eleven


      Can i be? xd

  3. iPhone or Samsung?

    1. Bau


      Samsung, but i now use Huawei xD

    2. ANGY


      Likeme iPhone :(

    3. Bau


      (hug):$ no be sad.


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  4. ANGY


    The truth is that chat is a platform for all types of people, usually the majority seeks to make some kind of joke or insult others, also inappropriate names, so this would be a good option so would not appear the name of the inappropriate person In room
  5. ANGY


    Legend Name: Slotb Status: Unlimited Price: Choose Hug: No Group Power: Yes Epic: No. Description:This power is identical to Silentm, it allows the owners of the chat to banned the users without the message being displayed in the room https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Silentm
  6. The suggestion has been good on another occasion, xat has a lot of powers animal and fruits.
  7. Many people want to help and can not, others can and do not want to help.

  8. Para bailar la bamba♪. . (sman)

  9. Many people who just want to hurt without reasons😡

  10. You speak spanish?

    1. ANGY


      Ha-ha! (wary)

    2. Bau


      No hablo español, y no sé cómo escribir!:'(

    3. xLaming


      I wanna learn it

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  11. ANGY

    Pizza power

    The idea is very nice, I think you have very clear what you want to be done. Pizzahappy: It would be good if he agreed with other powers and fell smilies. It would not be bad if the hats were off: A slice of pizza or a peperoni.
  12. El chat presenta problema a la hora de desbanear a alguien, normalmente el GCONTROL no le permite a los temp/moderadores desbanear a un usuario, pero en este caso los owners no pueden quitarle banned a los usuarios, nisiquiera con el bot. De echo se ha intentado dando banned nuevamente 0.1 hora y no se quita el banned. ¿Alguna posible solucion? Prioridad: Alta
  13. My favorite is @Cupim @Junior @Chelly and @Cupim. Thank you for remaining you!
  14. Some suggestions are taken in accounts, do not be impatient or saturated saying something we know, xat needs a change, he will change.
  15. Happy birthday, good friend Bryan, thank you for selling me cheap powers always🎂🎉

    1. Bryan


      Thank you, Angy!! And you're welcome. (toj) 

    2. Bau
  16. In saying all this I mean that, if prices are a little high, they should improve the service at least, do not you think?
  17. I agree with you, but bear in mind that xat has to benefit I do not agree very much with this, users have made me enter reason: If we pay a service a high pogo is because they are offering us something good, although, the ticket as well says it takes a lot and the only day that normally gives something xat is On his birthday. I think it would be wiser to focus on discontent of users and provide a better system that is worth it. It was the opinion that someone gave me.
  18. ANGY


    No, please do not do this. It is bad the slowness with the big powers and namewave, this would be worse.
  19. It should also be allowed to change the color to the headphones since the old one does not allow it.
  20. It may sound good, but this idea is not appropriate. First of all we are throwing away the work that has been done for years in the other chat to direct it to one. Also every chat has very similar rules even though they include different ones, see that too. What if it would not be bad idea is that the official chat / tribute would support each other and put a brother chat in his box:
  21. Hello the idea today is to have a second power outfit the variety of powers we have to combine them and oufith is one of the most used, maybe a second version with new add-ons would not be wrong: Other add-ons that could be added: If anyone has more suggestions can add!
  22. Happy Mother Earth Day to all!(hug)

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