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  1. Team Builders. .

  2. ANGY

    𝐻𝑒𝓎 𝒮𝑜𝓃𝒾𝒸 c:

  3. ANGY

    Power: HAWAII

    @LaFleurIf I think of that, although I think there are some smiles that already have that function of the coconut drink so I suggested to make it apart even if it does not there is not bad idea to add it, it would also be good a face with the crown of flowers
  4. It would be a good idea that these functions not only appear there, but also part of the trade to trade, many people at the time of the sale of all powers puts some who are not from allpowers. @Techy
  5. Josie thanks ^-^

  6. ANGY

    Power: HAWAII

    Lately they have shared ideas of powers that serve as tools for xat or to agree a power, this time I want to share a new idea that I had, unfortunately I could not create the emotions myself because I do not have the program on my computer. The idea is simple, a Hawaiian power CONTENT SMILIES 1- Tiki (TIKI) 2- Guitar with music and one flower (HAGUITAR) 3- Hawaiian Flower (KOKUFLOWER) Derived from the name of the kokutan flower 4- Hawaiian shirt with flowers (SHIRTFLOWER) 5- Two palm trees, with a sun behind on the beach (HAPALM) 6- Volcano throwing smoke (HAVOLCANO) 7- Drink in a coconut, with an umbrella and a flower (COCODRINK) 8- Drums (HADRUMS) CONTENT HATS 1- Wreath hawaii flowers: (HAT#HF) 2- Tiki pawn: (HAT#HT) CONTENT HUGS It could be a scene on the beach where a volcano explodes and the message REFERENCE INFORMATION: These are sample images for smilie creators to have an idea when it comes to doing it. Many thanks to the people that allows me to debate about this and to contribute ideas, if you have any suggestions should publish it
  7. Ideas for something beach ?

  8. ANGY

    Free xatspace!

    I love this tumblr
  9. The mosquitoes leave me without blood and I miss the ugly lot of my best friend @Laming, I'm about to die💙.

  10. ANGY

    Busy power

    Actually this suggestion is good in the whole concept, although I am of the people who think that if there is a power that has a very similar function the other would impede because there would be two. However discarded this, it would be great to have this power with the away so either activate it with the command of / away when writing or touching the screen is automatically disabled and it is what I do not like it. Although the symbol in red I do not like it so much, maybe it should be another and in yellow color
  11. I think this can be said to be an unnecessary / wasteful power, to create a power that only has a small function instead of adding others and giving them more utility, is my opinion and is constructive.
  12. Maybe you should try to access in incognito mode or deleting cookies / catch from your browser. Once I try to have the same problem as you and I work.
  13. You mean the dollar code was only used and replaced for rapid? This sign has other utilities like macros and hide a rank.
  14. ANGY


    Exactly to this I referred that it was what you had to suggest can not get a power identical or very similar to another already, I hope and soon update powers like xavi so that they can be given much more utility. Good Luck @QueenANIME
  15. Hello community. I want to present a suggestion, this is not the creation of a power, if not add more utility to another power. I want to work more this suggestion, but I enter the forum and I see that my idea tried to be stolen, although it was not quite and many other people know who the original creator as it is @Phinny @Sangoku and @Bleiz ¡Thanks!. (INVISIBLE) - Invisible smilies. This power is derived from an invisible owner, read more: util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Invisible This feature, which I would like to be added to power is similar to the clear but not completely, would allow you to have only a 50% opacity to the smiles of xat. People would be free to choose the opacity they want to make it completely invisible. The term that would be used at the end of the power would be smilie#i. If someone else wants to add something. I would be very grateful, thanks to the chat team xat.com/xat_test for helping me with suggestions.
  16. C H E L L💜🦄 ~

  17. What name is better: Ghost or Opaque

    1. Crow


      Ghost is overused and Opaque is trying too hard. That's my opinion.

    2. ANGY


      Thanks @Crow

  18. ANGY


    I think you could have suggested that the xavi power was placed in gback. If you have another idea it would be good to hear @QueenANIME !
  19. Jelou, it's me(wailing)

    1. xLaming


      Hello from the other side ♪ haha i'm here :$ 

    2. ANGY
  20. ANGY


    It is well that this face comes out, but I think the idea is good although it is not well developed to expose it, in that case you have to take into account that we can not choose the prices ourselves.
  21. I need my bff.

    1. Bau


      who is your bff (cute) 

    2. Eleven


      Can i be? xd

  22. iPhone or Samsung?

  23. ANGY


    The truth is that chat is a platform for all types of people, usually the majority seeks to make some kind of joke or insult others, also inappropriate names, so this would be a good option so would not appear the name of the inappropriate person In room
  24. ANGY


    Legend Name: Slotb Status: Unlimited Price: Choose Hug: No Group Power: Yes Epic: No. Description:This power is identical to Silentm, it allows the owners of the chat to banned the users without the message being displayed in the room https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Silentm
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