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  1. This is what I was referring to
  2. xat is changing👻

    1. ANGY


      Si te digo(sman)

    2. Bau


      I dream even when I do not sleep, as xat.com is changing - and I always see it is just a dream. xD

  3. This would be a power very similar to customs / outfits This idea comes, that when we are talking we like to add a sample of what we refer to or what we measure If this idea does not work as a power, they could at least add to other powers next i hope they agree in this ^^ Some smilies could be:
  4. ANGY

    Graphics chat

    Congratulations @Manu, in the short time that I have known you what I learned from you is that you love to design, and would help without being chosen in this because you are a good friend, luck.
  5. If you want a simple cover for the forum, you can order it here. • Design colors: • Any image you want to add. • Your name, and a text you wish to add: • Something else you would like to add here: If there are more than 5 people who want a cover, I can do it without problems.
  6. Lately I have felt bad and I thought about doing this subject. When I feel bad, I start to listen to the full 13 reason why album as much ice cream and I see netflix
  7. ANGY

    G O K U

    1. Rhea


      G O H A N

    2. Huugo


      G O T E N

  8. ANGY

    Grants sis (hug)

  9. Every day we are more, I love this Libre aaaw<3


    1. ANGY


      agustina for admin ñ-ñ

  10. ANGY

    Almost one hundred <3

    1. ANGY


      97 OMG (toj) i have 86

    2. Rhea


      10 more ! you can do it :$ hehe 

    3. ANGY


      wait, i help for you :$ 

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  11. ANGY

    443 DRAWN

    They should add a new peon, maybe the cowboy hat drawn or
  12. I think it would be unnecessary since it exists, I hope to explain. Xat would have to work on this and would be banning us from our privacy. There will be problems there.
  13. This already exists, for that is the bots.
  14.     A L O H A


       H A W A I I

  15. 240_F_121793148_sXbmGzsadO9RLFwW2EduX5pD

    1. Dimple


      So cute thank you so much @ANGY

  16. This power should not be made, sounds good but it is not. There are users who chose not to have information in robots, so that this is not known simply what about those who do not want to see the time?
  17. Stalker for you ñ-ñ

    1. Matheus
    2. ANGY




  18. Poor people who think they are superior to others, ups.

  19. Update🔮

  20. Sin decirme adios te vi partir.

    1. Eleven


      English. (sman) 

    2. ANGY


      How funnysito(wary)

  21. ANGY


    I think that yes they have made several similar suggestions xat should listen to the demands of the users @Admin
  22. ANGY


    ¿Name? Transactions. ¿Status? Ilimitado. ¿Have Hug? No. ¿Power Group? No. ¿Need AllPowers? No. ¿Épic? No. This new power allows us to see the transfers that we have made as a small record. It offers us an easy menu to locate in our profile, if we click the button it will lead us to a page where we will ask for our data to access for security, There we will see an interface very similar to the power of events with the history of transitions. Characteristics: • This power serves as the power (ME) without having to have a day. • View users who ha
  23. Only function number three I liked, however should be created a better button and should be discussed as I point to @Crow
  24. ANGY

    neon hat permanent

    I would have liked to not comment on this, but it caught my eye. They must take into account that this is a new power and that even the moments still remains modified with this I mean that maybe he is not the only good pawn that comes out in xat. Then if they add this they should or they have to add other pawns that left previously that also were good ? I do not agree
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