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  1. Hola, disculpa. Si usted tiene un billete abierto (por haberlo intentado) el voluntario no sera capaz de abrir un nuevo billete, tiene que esperar a que sea respondido.
  2. Para mi la amistad lo es todo.

    1. Eleven


      I'm so sorry, but you can't.

    2. Joshe


      I also like the way you think

    3. ANGY
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  3. ANGY

    Error 29

    Error 29: Usuario Bloqueado “xat Account Locking”. Más información en: util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Locked_out/es 1. Tienes que dirigirte a la pagina de xat.com/ticket y abrir un billete para ser atendido por un voluntario, bajo el topic ''Locked Out''. No necesitarás ser usuario pago para enviar ticket en este departamento! 2. En subject necesitas explicar tu problema con un minimo de 5 palabras. Ejemplo: I can’t login to my account E29. Gracias a xatAYUDA. 3. En message vas a explicar tu problema. Incluye tu nombre de usuario y reg
  4. I did not get over your profile photo (toj) 

    1. Bau


      Sooooooooooooooo cute :$  (cute) 
      The cat says, please do not kiss me xD

    2. Chelly


      cat be liek "wtf did u just try to do"

  5. It is as if you did not have the flash installed or it did not work well, many people will have to send ticket to deactivate the code
  6. Before uninstalling Chrome remember to disable the authenticator code so as not to lose access.
  7. We need response, now! (swt) 

    1. ANGY


      Actually I still do not have it, but the users of xat are altered, many lost the authenticator code and others are abandoning(wailing)

    2. Rhea


      ohhh . well I was suffering with it as well then I downloaded another browser 

    3. ANGY


      That is the possible solution, some that does not work for them and because of that, in Opera can not login some

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  8. Thank you, beautiful, I received the prize of this question, good luck to the participant of the next round!
  9. Xat is amazing, it's great, on this platform I can meet people from all over the world.

    You can have the opportunity to fall in love, love in xat exists: I fell in love.

    There is also laughter and lack of control known as: Troll / Bromistas.

    There are also bad people, many people who seek to do harm.

    People you think you trust and it's not like this.

    It's time for us to change </3.

  10. ANGY

    xats noindex.

    Hi, I wanted to know why all the guys have the noindex and are not allowed to see in google. A user asked me how I managed to remove the noindex because some do not have it and I did not know what to answer.
  11. ANGY

    happy birthday to you, happy birthday!

    1. iMIKI


      Thank you (hug) 

    2. ANGY


      I hope you had a great time with the family:p

  12. It is a good suggestion and could be taken into account only the peon for some power, I remember that minimum are 8-9 smilies for a power.
  13. Minimum and maximun is 10-18 characters. (a-z, A-Z y 0-9) ANGY (1331331)
  14. You should add the night mode button to the forum will be blind.

    1. LaFleur
    2. oj




    3. ANGY


      How they did that, I need it:'(

  15. You are taking the fun out of this, you are jealous
  16. I support this function, people currently in xat like to write the title of the song and power (cd) so that they know that they are listening to that music. This feature is very similar to the one that had once the messaging of Blackberry.
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