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  1. Sometimes if I restart the page it works and sometimes I do not(wailing)


  2. Hmm, hi. tumblr_nel4w3lgrV1tyfqs1o1_250.png

  3. Hey dimple thank you very much for the prizes that you have given to @6 the contest is being very much thanks to you<3

  4. I think I've been told it's unnecessary. People can simply consider you their friend, but you do not. And @6 already clarified on why they have to see the powers!
  5. ANGY

    Happy birthday chine (toj)

    1. oj


      thank you

    2. ANGY


      If I see you in xat I give you a gift of 50 xats (sman) 

    3. oj


      you dont have to that is fine

  6. Hmm, not, is tired this week
  7. Never imagine that this would be the next power. It is very simple, but it was something creative, congratulations to the creator!
  8. ANGY

    Power: Hipster

    Done, it was modified I forgot to place the ''p''
  9. ANGY

    Power: Hipster

    This is what they call the tumblr effect
  10. Hello, my next suggestion is called: Hipster. Hats can be cloud or spray can. Contains 9 smilies. (hipscloud) (hipsphotos) (hipsbook) (hipsmilk) (hipspizza) (hipsfrozen) (hipsgalaxy) (hipsvibes) (hipsdead) or (hipsrip). If anyone has any other suggestion or opinion do not hesitate to give it, I will take it into account and modify the post.
  11. ANGY

    Welcome Back! 


    1. ANGY


      Mira el topic de ayuda, fue una locuraaa yo solo pense ''Que suerte que fiona se fue de viaje jaja'' porque todos los chat de ayuda estaban saturados

    2. Fiona


      omg jajaj tuve suerte entonces

    3. Bau
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  12. Hahaha, very rich you
  13. Spacewar, Matchrace, Doodlerace, Snakerace, Switch, Hearts, dardos, Zwhack, Músic, Chess, Shoot, 4 in row y pool. edit ANGY (1331331)
  14. ANGY

    Yes or No

    No. You showered today?
  15. I think it's something similar to military, but I think the support just for the hat that I liked a little
  16. (smirk)(hello)



    1. LaFleur


      thanks, will check it out. :)

    2. ANGY


      This is ugly :s 


    3. LaFleur


      thats rather a negative effect, than a night mode :d

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  17. This page was last modified 22:03, 24 May 2017. Edit by: Kyle. System problem (65): Cannot send Jinx powers in main chat. You cannot send /jinx or /jinxall in main chat. You must use both in a user's private chat. ANGY (1331331)
  18. I guess I'd say something like this: '' Premium service expired ''
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