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  1. This image made me think of a hug, could be a factory of donuts where the machine explodes and the message leave
  2. XatChatCambioLogo.pngSolange (223326780) | 01/07/2012  - 01/07/2017

    Today, you are 5 years old as part of the team of CAMBIO.

    Feel free to congratulate her on the xat.com forum.



    ''Without doubt the most interesting work has been to be Owner of Cambio'' - @SoIange

    1. Solange


      Many thanks, Angy! <3

    2. Bau
  3. I mean it was impossible, I did it 3 times, I forgot to go to the staff room and people bothered. ANGY (1331331)
  4. ANGY

    448 Broadcaster

    Bunny-eared and cat-eared headphones have enchanted me, I hope I can get the power soon.
  5. Hahaha, of course the police love this
  6. Very good idea, I'll change the name right now!
  7. ANGY

    Hey!, welcome good to see you over heremousie.png

    1. Vera


      tysm for welcoming me here! 

    2. ANGY


      Yw, i'm happy of had here (hug) 

    3. Vera


      you're awesome (hug)

  8. ¿Name? Donuts. ¿Status? Limited. ¿Have Hug? No. ¿Power Group? No. ¿Need AllPowers? No. Looking for Smilies? Then! Were you looking for pawns too? Here's what we show you!
  9. ANGY


    Exactly, the price I suppose will be the choice of the creators of smilies although 200-300 xats will be fine, not much, because it is a power of function
  10. ANGY


    While this is good for xat users and for everyone I will support this suggestion. When the personnel of some bot company comes, they will not support this, because it is not beneficial for them, but if for the others
  11. The ideas that you publish must be 100% of your authorship, they can not be ideas of some character, etc, since they contain copyrights and therefore they can not be used in xat .
  12. I liked the ideas for smilies of this power, now I have other suggestions that you like when you publish them
  13. Can you suggest some? Clear if you like
  14. July is the date when many people graduate, especially those who study high school. ¿Name? University. ¿Status? Unlimited. ¿Have Hug? Yes. ¿Power Group? No. ¿Need AllPowers? No. ¿Épic? No. CONTENT SMILIES 1- Xat University Logo (UNIVERSITY) 2- Fanatic (FANATIC) 3-Studen graduation (GRADUATION) 4- Graduation cap (gcap) 5- Emo studen (UNIEMO) 6- Book tower(BOOKS) 7- Exam Stress (UNISTW) @Fiona 8- @Fiona Add more please. CONTENT HATS 1- Fanatic pawn: (HAT#Hf) 2- Graduation cap pawn: (HAT#Hc) Thanks to @S0NIC CONTENT HUGS Graduation ceremony throwing caps.
  15. Working on this: gFWFNNC.png

    1. Eleven




    2. ANGY


      You will register? (toj)  

    3. Eleven


      I don't think so xd 

  16. To this I referred, so they could differentiate, I had thought of placing as a notification with red in smilie. Like the notification coming out in our app
  17. The idea is not only interesting, it is very good and very creative. But as users know when a smilie have this function @Dann !
  18. This was previously suggested and was not supported, this will bring problems with the false trade of powers.
  19. Hello If you have System problem (55): Your account is held indefinitely. Blocks all outgoing trades and transfers. A ticket must be created under "Account Block" Help Topic to solve this error. or Error 55 - Account was deleted. (Open a ticket.) The account has been deleted for breaking the xat Terms of Service. A ticket will need to be created under Help Topic "Account Block" using the email associated with the account to have this error solved. You can create a support ticket in the Account Block department to ask for more information about the hold. You do NOT need to be a paid user or logged in to create this ticket. See xat.wiki/ticket for more details on creating tickets. Also, please ensure your ticket subject is 5 words or more. Within the ticket message. When you finish with these steps, an email will be sent to you when the ticket is answered, there will be the link to access the support page of xat where you can see your ticket and also you can respond. NOTE: Everything has to be in English, you will not be able to open a new ticket if you already have an open in your account. In this case, you will have to wait until the current ticket is answered and then open a new ticket.
  20. Instead of aspiring to be better than others, the real goal is to be the best version of ourselves as well as we can. ceebear.png

  21. ANGY


    This suggestion already exists, is exactly the same as previously posted.
  22. Just nice, although I think the shadow that applied where the faces go is very large.
  23. New managers, new volunteers, What's next? Congratulations @Stif
  24. Hmm, why not ?, I support your suggestion although I do not see it as necessary.
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