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  1. tumblr_o2idvjQSIR1rxe3yto1_500.jpg 

    - With or without a crown, you're a queen, oop's <3

    1. zed


       i ate big sandwich and now i fee pregnant lol

    2. ANGY


      Lol, you will have to have an abortion (toj) 

    3. Dimple


      Wait bozz i will call a ambulance..😅


      Angy thank u 😘, 

  2. I chose @Chelly for minimon and kwaii!
  3. I chose @Crow for ricebowl and kwaii!
  4. @Daniel Congratulations, because no one else is participating, you are the only winner of this day! Find me on Ayuda or Cambio | /f1331331
  5. It seems that the bottom of the letters has the map of Venezuela , but this cute although somewhat obscure.
  6. The reason why I leave these two days without making an entry for this game is because I have been sick and I have limited my connection to xat, but however as this issue will die on July 18 I will do 2 contests where there will be two Winners. So outstanding!
  7. Please choose me for something good and easy
  8. Recommend a good movie or series to watch on netflix?

  9. ANGY

    Otter Power

    I think any suggestion made is good in some way, there are many smilies of animals and there are few to complete the collection I think it would not be wrong to create this. Example:
  10. Definitely excellent, you should leave the template for the lazy ones like me. .
  11. @Fiona go to sleep, i won
  12. ANGY

    Add new Background.

    Perhaps in all designs the logo of xat could be added as a watermark.
  13. I like the graphics of this game, I wait the movie even though I do not like the idea of qeu disney participate in this.
  14. If it is true that xat is changing, is working to improve little by little, then I think this is something important. These default backgrounds that facilitates xat are somewhat old, the problem is not that they are old if not all are pixelated and their quality are bad. It would be good to update the designs that we provide to the users. What do you think?
  15. @Admin I think there should be a communication on twitter / facebook , so that they know what is going on.
  16. Congratulations to the winner today @MariaLiiz ! Find me in Cambio or Ayuda to receive the prize
  17. Remember that the letters have to match, there is still no winner Miss you one, hurry up
  18. ANGY

    450 Fiesta

    ¡Orale wey! I want a taco, I think Mexicans will be proud to have a smiley that represents them
  19. ANGY

    I won being kawaii with your photo :'( 

    1. Fiona


      haha  It's really cute!

      This is the real picture:


    2. ANGY


      It's amazing the photo :o 

  20. I think that for some reason some chat have problems to place their radio, although they put different types of ips this does not accept them. Do you know anything about this or any possible solution?
  21. i'm kawaii ñ-ñ

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