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  1. Use https://mundosmilies.com/bbcodes/
  2. #MUNDOSMILIES family:) 



  3. Congratulations for another year of life, my friend, I wish you the best in the world🌎🎂.

    1. LaFleur


      Thanks angy <3

    2. ANGY


      Did you enjoy the parranda/party? :$ 

  4. ANGY

    452 SLINE

    No long names, please .
  5. ANGY

    Ban-all power

    This suggestion is much needed for Assistance and the chat that currently have Raid, although this will be solved soon and the power would not give much use.
  6. ANGY

    452 SLINE

    I think it's better to leave the name well, but good.
  7. I listened to this acoustic version for the first time in 13ReasonsWhy and I fell in love with it.
  8. ANGY

    452 SLINE

    I think it describes exactly the power
  9. ANGY

    452 SLINE

    Now that I think about it, you could add a button to show lists. And so you can also allow users to create multiple lists: default, list1, list2, list3.
  10. ANGY

    452 SLINE

    It seems more appropriate to sline, the name has to be simple and short. It could also be slinerandom or randomsline.
  11. ANGY

    452 SLINE

    Maybe this is epic and has a high cost .
  12. ANGY

    452 SLINE

    Then it is confirmed that this will be the power (ID: 452)?
  13. ANGY


    Puedes enviar un mensaje privado a algún Voluntario para que pueda abrir un ticket por ti. En la siguiente dirección tienes el listado de Voluntario a los cuales podrás enviar un mensaje privado: https://forum.xat.com/staff/ En caso de que tenga otra duda puede colocarla en esta mismo hilo antes de que una respuesta sea marcada, buena suerte.
  14. La protección en ese momento estaba desactivada. La función de la protección /p indica que los nuevos usuarios sin registro tendrás que resolver un captcha para poder ingresar al chat, por lo cual esto se hace para lo contrario no perjudicar a los usuarios intentando que otros no cambien la temática del chat. Otras razones pueden ser las mencionadas por @Fiona Este problema sera solucionado pronto, así que no se preocupe, no solo en xat trade, xat en general.
  15. If I'm sorry, but even if it meets the requirement does not work. Test it. @Actavus
  16. Although this is a bot problem, I think it was affected by https. It does not detect the prices of shortname.
  17. I think this could work better with the ''@username''.
  18. We need more activity💃🕺.

  19. @Chelly Please closed this, prizes were delivered.
  20. Congratulations to @Youkai and @zzzandyyy You can find me in the Mundosmilies chat or add me /f1331331 to receive the prize.
  21.                   LamingMan



  22. Hi guys, Mundosmilies has donated 2 new Kloud powers to be delivered in a random way to the users of the forum. Just enter your name and registration number in this entry and you will be participating. Do not use other accounts to try to increase chances of winning or will be disqualified. Deadline to post: 23/07/2017 The winner will be chosen in Random, good luck. There will only be two winners.
  23. Hi guys, I do not know if this had already been posted but many xats with 1k of likes have lost their likes. And they have started from 1 like.
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