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  1. I hope several people participate, good luck!
  2. (ccalarmed#ccalarmed#dove#yffbbff103010101ff68228b#manga#ecccff#angel) (BUTTERFLY#Y1E90FF103FF0000#NOEL#sblizzard#FwINGS#RB)
  3. Happy Birthday :p .

  4. Congratulations friend @MariaLiiz, thank you for participating, you are the winner today! Contact me in ayuda or mundosmilies /f1331331
  5. Hi, guys, I'm back and I took the contest again, now I hold the prize. Some rules have been added remember to read them before participating, good luck. Remember to add the names of the smilies and powers and place your id to deliver the prize. ¡Thanks @Fiona!
  6. ANGY

    My beautiful my beautiful my beautiful.

    1. 6


      Hello hello how are you? (hug)

    2. ANGY


      Very well honey and you?

  7. I'll be back in 4 days later, they behave well(wary).

  8. Hi, guys, an unforeseen event happened and I have to go on a trip, the contest will be in the hands of @Fiona. She will also be holding the prize and delivering it until my return.
  9. I just saw Chapter 3 and the truth is that I saw something boring . #Daenerys.
  10. Congratulations @Guppy You have won today!
  11. ANGY


    I will be working and researching to suggest new animations, I hope someone else post some suggestions.
  12. ANGY


    This suggestion tries to make a zoo smiley, with different existing animals of xat as was done with lovemix. I know that there is animal power, although this could be an excellent idea to see new animations of very old or new smilies.
  13. How many days it will take to accept a club. . 

    1. ANGY


      evil :'( .

    2. Bau


      Memes :d  here

    3. Crow


      I'm sorry for the delay :$. We're still finalising rules, and whether to allow non-English clubs. 


      It should be sorted soon!

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  14. We were expecting a lot of this power, I hope to keep making realities suggestions .
  15. ANGY


    ANGY (1331331)
  16. ANGY


    There is already a smiley about poop, although that is not a problem. The problem is that no one usually uses it, I'm not sure if this would be a good power.
  17. ANGY

    Thank you for making me laugh and have a lot of fun in any chat where you are with your occurrences, Happy Birthday Zedsinho (toj) .

    1. Bau


      Happy Birthday! :p

    2. zed


      thx bay


    3. Bau


      Bau (d) 
      You´re WELCOME Red (d) 

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  18. I do not like that some gestures lower the reputation that has already gained.

    1. Crow


      Add a thumbs down smiley for negative reputation. I agree the sad face isn't suitable for it. 

    2. ANGY


      I agree.

    3. Brandon


      Thank you for the feedback. All of them are now neutral (a reaction will not be +1, and it won't be -1), except for the heart!

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  19. Congratulations @LaFleur ! You have won today, good luck to others in the next.
  20. Informations about this contest: Connect with an arrow or line each of the smilies with the corresponding power and place in this post the answer. You can use the Bot of Mundosmilies or other chat in case you have doubts about each smilies. The first to finish it correctly and do not break any rules, will be the winner! Answer example: • Capture with all smilies connected: see (only the link, do not post image) • Register and ID. Rules you must follow: • Win the first user to respond correctly and do not break any rules. • If you win you must wait for a round to rejoin. • Only one answer per person is allowed. • No editing allowed in comments. • Leave your ID and register. Prizes: 350 xats + 1 day. There is a chance that the prize will change... Prizes holder: Me and @Fiona, the contest does not require a substantial amount. Deadline: Sunday, August 13th | 5:00 PM (Venezuelan time) ''Donations will be received should you wish to continue this thread. The rights to Kotu. Thanks to team of Mundosmilies.''
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