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  1. Hi, Error 29: User Locked "xat Account Locking". More information: util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Locked_out/en Try again in incognito mode and be sure to select the Locked Out help topic and fill in the Subject field with five or more words. 1. Clear your browser cookies (or open an incognito window) 2. You have to go to the page of xat.com/ticket and open a ticket to be attended by a volunteer, under the topic '' Locked Out ''. 3. In subject you need to explain your problem with a minimum of 5 words. 4. In message you are going to explain your problem. 5. Then click Open Ticket and you're done. If the following guide above still gives you error and unable to create a ticket. Please send a private message to a volunteer and ask politely to help you open a ticket providing details with your issue. https://forum.xat.com/staff/ Thanks.
  2. You need has a professional demeanor when interacting with other users .
  3. I think the right thing should be to direct them to the international help chat xat.com/assistance .
  4. Check Mundosmilies club.

  5. ANGY

    Ayuda Background.

    Here the back: http://i.imgur.com/BC92bd2.png
  6. ANGY

    Ayuda Background.

    @Disegual Thanks very much !
  7. Hi guys, recently download photoshop again on my computer and wanted to show you my first job after a long time. http://i.imgur.com/tMyzlHLg.png I hope you like it and be used by the chat Ayuda.
  8. Dracarys. .

  9. ANGY


    I always have to wait until December, on that date they activate most of the old pawns .
  10. You should upload the new designs, every day are better's .
  11. Hi. I think the price is a bit high, just to add a shade to your name. Although the idea sounds strange, I think it might be a good.
  12. ANGY


    1. Fiona


      where is my boyfriend when I need him... :( xD

  13. Users who have reported in Aiuto that silentban does not work in the app.
  14. Someone's hat of gift work?

  15. Would it be booted or would it open a new tab?
  16. As you said this already exists, you are directed to the help/trade chat according to your selected language. So there would be no problems with this.
  17. The new power with its price in day's took everyone by surprise.

    1. Crow


      Variety is the spice of life!

    2. TrueRedDevil


      I guess it had to be different from Mute in some way.

    3. ANGY


      Maybe haha.

  18. ANGY


    Congratulations to the winner of the new power test. @oj, thank you all for participating and good luck next week.
  19. ANGY


    After this entry no more participant is allowed, the contest is finalized and a winner will be announced.
  20. Wiki Page: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Silentban
  21. Button Color: #154291 http://i.imgur.com/eXPIdHh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/v9kFUuw.jpg
  22. ANGY


    Hi guys, I have a new power SILENTBAN powers to be delivered in a random way to the users of the forum. Just enter your name and registration number in this entry and you will be participating. Do not use other accounts to try to increase chances of winning or will be disqualified. Deadline to post: 17/08/2017 | Countdown: here The winner will be chosen in Random, good luck.
  23. I agree with you like this when unban could also be done in silence.
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