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  1. How do you feel about xat?

    I joined in xat in 2009/2010. I went into a talk called CH I remember that I had about 4 rooms, as 200 users connected daily, it was amazing to meet people at that time, xat seemed very interesting to me more than Facebook or any other Social Network. I did not know very well the community of xat to this I mean how it worked, the volunteers, the contributors, the tickets, the official rooms. . I am currently in conflict, I never thought to leave, I am here since I am a little girl. I think that most of us here feel disappointed with how the circumstances have been handled, Currently xat is dying slowly, let's talk about some important points here: 1. Interface (MOBILE/HTML5) Currently we have been told that they are working hard on HTML5, they have shown us some results, but I do not think they are showing us what we expect. Unfortunately, the user reaction to both mobile and the HTML5 platform was not very positive when we heard that the HTML5 version would be launched, we imagined a xat without the need to use Flash, but at the same time a new design would be added, something more modern and less boring than the current one. Every year social networks try to make a change in its interface by improving it and updating it so as not to be left behind, they always give something interesting to the consumer to see. 2. Chat Sincerely the chat rooms are good by itself, but I think they would be better without so many annoying protections that many users do not understand and go to complain to help every day, it would be good to add a proxy filter or some other strategy that is simpler and not so frustrating. In the official chats I think that the ideas that managers give should be taken into account (some are not, I will not say name), debated and in a future applied. 3. Tickets No user is happy with the delay of tickets, in fact some volunteers have mentioned that they prefer to use chat to help since it is more direct and in real time. Whenever this topic is touched the answer is '' Be patient, we are working on this '', I do not blame the volunteers, as I mentioned earlier Chelly '' They do not get paid, if they do it's a test power for 100 replies or so. '' They do the best they can when they can. 4. Powers 5. Voice 6. Motivation I think nobody is currently motivated to stay for a long time, unless they aspire to a position, for the same 5 reasons mentioned above. Users have suggested many ways to motivate people to stay: Most of the games might be entertaining to stay. But the users do not feel really heard, many want to help improve xat and they have to be requesting that they be allowed, I think that everyone who wants to help should be given the opportunity. In conclusion I think that most users feel somewhat disappointed to expect more than what is received. . But this has a solution. @Spawn Thank you very much for opening this debate!
  2. Hello, I am selling my identification of 5 digits (10346). If you are interested do not ask the price, make an offer through the message.
  3. Angy (hug)

    1. ANGY


      @Kika sweety (hug)

  4. Mafia

    Hey! The suggestion is good, but the best thing is the smilies that you have done by hand I think it would be amazing to have them. However, I do not agree with promoting this. .
  5. Win kwolf nightmare fitness

    ANGY (10346), I really like a lot of games most of them are strategy games, for example Empire Total War. I think I'll spend it locked in my house, I'll be like a panda wintering.
  6. Happy birthday lovely, may the joy of this day be the constant expression of your life!💐

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      Thank you!

  7. Background for chat Ayuda

    Sure! I was thinking of doing one soon .
  8. Background for chat Ayuda

    It really is a fox x)
  9. Background for chat Ayuda

    Thanks, no, I'm just a moderator .
  10. Background for chat Ayuda

    Hey guys! What do you think of this job? https://i.cubeupload.com/Hx5Wpd.png

    ANGY (10346)
  12. Mobile Version 1.10.3 Release - iOS & Android

    Thanks for adding the screenshots of this update @Dimple
  13. Heyo, I'm back, Win a CLEAR

    ANGY (10346) ☘