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    Congratulations to the winner of the new power test. @oj, thank you all for participating and good luck next week.

    After this entry no more participant is allowed, the contest is finalized and a winner will be announced.
  3. 455 SILENTBAN

    Wiki Page: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Silentban
  4. Button Color: #154291 http://i.imgur.com/eXPIdHh.jpg http://i.imgur.com/v9kFUuw.jpg

    Hi guys, I have a new power SILENTBAN powers to be delivered in a random way to the users of the forum. Just enter your name and registration number in this entry and you will be participating. Do not use other accounts to try to increase chances of winning or will be disqualified. Deadline to post: 17/08/2017 | Countdown: here The winner will be chosen in Random, good luck.
  6. 455 SILENTBAN

    I agree with you like this when unban could also be done in silence.
  7. 455 SILENTBAN

    @Admin Other people can see the banned user.
  8. 455 SILENTBAN

    Because I'm the last to hear about this. Everything looks functional correctly, even though it would be nice if the unmute option came out and the message did not come out, I do not know.
  9. Error inicio de sesión dentro de sitio web

    Hola nuevamente, verifica que tu conexión a Internet este funcionando correctamente con una buena velocidad. En caso de que todo este normal intenta siguiendo algunos de estos pasos: Si recientemente cambiaste de sistema operativo checa y descarga todo/as las actualizaciones que este tenga. Verifica si iniciando Firefox/Chrome en modo seguro/incognito cargan las páginas. Si es así, puede ser debido a alguna extensión instalada y en ese caso habría que desactivarlas una por una. Borra todas las cookies y busca (según el navegador que tengas) "Aceptar cookies" en tu Firewall y Antivirus también. Intenta cambiar la pagina de xat al español acá http://xat.com/web_gear/chat/changelanguage.php?id= Claro, si es que la tienes en ingles. A algunos les a funcionado.
  10. FIONA - puppies

    I think with Fiona examples I like this idea, although lately the powers are being kawaii (somewhat feminine).

    Hey guys remember that the contest still continues for those who have not yet participated. There are only a 15 days left for finish .
  12. Connect The Smilies.

    First place: 1200 xats @Queen_Sofia | Second place: 600 xats @xParth | Third place: 350 xats @Zed Congratulations to the winners of the final of this contest. I mean that for lack of the @Zed image I'm in third place. I hope I can understand. To claim the prizes write to me /f1331331
  13. Connect The Smilies.

    Good luck to all who wish to participate. Thank you for the designs @JeanGraphics and all participants of this event.
  14. S07E04 *SPOILER ALERT*

    It was exciting to know that Jon is the only targaryen man alive and this makes him the official host
  15. Donate smilies