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  1. ANGY

    Welcome New Contributors

    Very well deserved, thanks for contributing with the community @Stif!🌹
  2. ANGY

    Power suggestion

    Did not really understand, you mean something like supercycle?
  3. ANGY

    Animation for zipban?

    Incredible animation, this could be adapted, good job @DonQuijote!
  4. ANGY

    My Gallery - Dazer

    Oh god, I love your job! Why have you never done one for the chat Ayuda?
  5. ANGY

    Help/Trade button

    Hi guys, I remember we had talked about this before. The '' Help and Trade'' buttons they continue to direct users only to Trade and Help. It would be good to direct users to Help chat in their appropriate language: '' Aiuto, Ajuda, Assistance(Aide, Ajutor), Ayuda,Help, Helfen, Hulp, Pomocy, Yardim''. Or to the commerce chat in their appropriate languages: ''Trade, Cambio, Troca, Loja(Commerce)''. This would be a small help for inactive chat, I believe that all the Managers of the Help and Commerce chats will approve this.
  6. ANGY

    Animation for zipban?

    Excellent suggestion I'm also not sure if this power has an animation or not. I have made a small demonstration about your idea. Maybe this could work:
  7. ANGY

    Ticket, no answer for > 1 month ?

    USERINFO: ANGY (10346) Create Date: 17/Feb/2018 (3:52 pm)
  8. ANGY

    Spotify Connect for xat

    I agree, this would take up a lot of space there. Maybe the message could be: '' The user is connected to Spotify '' and do what Sloom said to see what the users are listening to.
  9. ANGY

    Google Auth

    Los voluntarios estaran encantados de abrir un ''Ticket'' (billete) para solucionar su problema, pero usted debe de ponerse en contacto con ellos siguiendo estos pasos: Dirigete a forum.xat.com/staff , tendrás que elegir el Voluntario que desees contactar. Haz click en ''Message'' (mensaje), y ahí será donde le enviaremos el mensaje privado. En el caso que no sepas que poner, le dejaremos el texto que usted podría poner: En Subject: Unable to open a ticket En Message: Hello, I can’t open a ticket in ''Lost Auth''. Can you open it for me?. My register is (Pon tu registro y ID de tu cuenta de xat.com), and the e-mail associated with is: (Pon tu correo electrónico que pusiste a la hora de crearte el registro con el que tienes problemas). Suerte!
  10. ANGY


    ANGY (10346)
  11. ANGY

    491 BIRDIE


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