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  1. I was actually on a chat just now and a toon was confused by it so I helped them understand better by what it means.
  2. Have you ever noticed on the homepage next to the promoted chat group where it says "Note: This chat is not run by xat?" For example like this: People often mistake that xat admins are running these chat rooms. It should say (Note: This chat is not run by xat admins) instead since many people get confused a lot by what "(Note: This chat is not run by xat)" means. What do you think?
  3. No thank you this would cause seizures.
  4. Joyous

    My designs

    I may know someone who is very good in xatspaces Angelo. Would you like to contact them?
  5. Joyous

    My designs

    Yeah we both have good styles in the graphics department.
  6. Joyous

    My designs

    You're welcome Manu. Here is a background I made today for a chat group. I also created my forum avatar as well.
  7. Joyous

    My designs

    I really like your designs Manu. I'm also a designer.
  8. I don't see what's wrong with the pawn other then that it gets confusing sometimes with the offline pawn. Haha.
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