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  1. happy birthday @SlimShady

  2. happy birthday Slim !!

  3. SlimShady

    xat.com/CHAT Christmas Background

    The problem is my friends.. is that idh new work graphics, i have last year's graphics and rn i kinda do better so whenever i have a collection i'll show everyone
  4. SlimShady

    xat.com/CHAT Christmas Background

    Hello everyone! Today I've decided to make this background to make some xats maybe 200 xats to marry my wife. And of course this comes with a CSS code : Use this link the way it is. Cherry mristmas veryone!
  5. SlimShady

    xat.com/Chat .. BACKGROUNDS

    I do it the way I wanna do it. Like it or not I did it for free so its either useful or useless 0 middle fingers given.! I'm not rude I was stating the obvious.
  6. SlimShady

    xat.com/Chat .. BACKGROUNDS

    My bad I mentioned you, meant to mention shizuo alone.
  7. SlimShady

    xat.com/Chat .. BACKGROUNDS

    @Sydno Sorry (Forums) for spam replies I just wanted to make sure Sydno reaches this.
  8. SlimShady

    xat.com/Chat .. BACKGROUNDS

    Yeah actually I made this one to replace the ugly one that bg that is kicking everyone in their eyes until chrismas, am I clear now?
  9. SlimShady

    xat.com/Chat .. BACKGROUNDS

    http://prntscr.com/lnmwlh This colorful?
  10. SlimShady

    xat.com/Chat .. BACKGROUNDS

    Chat's Chatbox Background : Chat's Outro : BUT! Use this :P PRICE: Price is a huge matter, but it doesn't matter, this is free.

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