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  1. Recaptcha

    Auto cache clear occurred. Problem is automatically solved! -Case is now closed.
  2. Recaptcha

    I've been through this before, I'm getting recaptcha all the time and if I do the recaptcha and click confirm to sign in to the chatbox, it comes up again and again and I can never sign in. - I'm not using a VPN. - I'm not a spammer. - It just happened, I don't know why/how/when/where. Maybe I know when.. A week or two ago. (Better be solved by Volunteers/Admins, users can't help with it, no offense)
  3. (Checkpowers)

    html5 explains a lot thanks for tellin about it
  4. (Checkpowers)

    Checkpowers is a power like (nick)! But this power allows you to check/uncheck other friends powers (Just for you) to see them different (It also decreases chat lag because of too many smilies). Example : [✓] Namecolor [✓] = Checking their namecolor will show their namecolor in their name. [ ] Namecolor [ ] = Unchecking their namecolor which will stop showing namecolor for you in their name. Same to other powers. How it works?: Click here for a bigger picture Power icon idea : or I'm not good at this, just suggesting an icon! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Any extra suggestions/ideas? Please comment down below. Suggestions/ideas by other users list : (Nothing yet).
  5. Happy birthday

    1. SlimShady


      Thanks buddy, when was that?

  6. Recaptcha

    The problem is solved! Thanks for caring This case may now be closed.
  7. Powerglow

    Nah keep the use of the search feature for yourself boy.
  8. Powerglow

    Oh well....
  9. Powerglow

    I've been wondering for a while from now if there is a way to suggest a power and here we go! Powerglow (powerglow) is a power that makes any power glow. For example : (smile#glow#101010) and the power glows black. (To use this Power, you must have color powers + Powerglow power)
  10. Contest

    Hello everyone! Since I'm new in the Club, I decided to post a Riddle and whoever answers it correctly, wins a Private Chat Background/Inner Background! (It's not from Google so don't try to find it in there). ;-) -If you hit 4 balls with 1 ball, how many balls will move far from the balls? And how many balls will stay still? First one to answer this Correctly will win!
  11. Recaptcha

    Na bro it didnt work
  12. Recaptcha

    I am not using any vpn/proxy, this thing just started outta nowhere... I'm using Maxthon Cloud browser, but it started on Chrome. I'm not using anything to change my IP, just the regular IP.
  13. Recaptcha

    I did try to relogin before and I tried it just now, it didn't work, and I cleared cache/cookies and still, didn't work.
  14. Recaptcha

    I've been getting recaptcha in every chat room I enter, it's been like that for 2 days from now and it happend before. How do I stop the recaptcha from popping up whenever I "Sign in" to a chatroom.? (Chatrooms aren't and weren't on Protection Mode!)